May 18, 2010
a little reveal..
i know i always appreciate seeing how people pull off a room, so i thought i'd do unto others today. you'll notice, i spent less than $10.00 on everything and am blessed with a generous family. you'll also notice, i didn't do any real shopping. like at a real store. (with real life prices.) for the most part, my decorating strategy has become:
1. thrift, thrift, thrift.
2. be patient. wait for something just right. eventually you'll find pieces you need.
2. don't say no to nice stuff that's offered to you!
this method not only fits my budget, but also my small town scene. naturally, the secondhand store in town has become my best friend. (i'm so glad!) what's your strategy for decor?
in other news.. my kitchen window is cracked open, birds are chirping, laundry's folded, i just bought some adele songs, grant only has 13 days left at school, the sun is shining, and just look at this..
yesss. i'm going outside. be back after a few miles.


Tawnya said...

YES! I love your thrifiting creativity. I also love to thrift and find many 'diamonds in the rough' around here (and in our backyard!). I pull a lot of pieces and inspiration from outside...since we live in the northwoods...but not too much mind you, just enough to give a calming "earthy" feel:) Thanks for sharing Summer - glad you had a nice time with your family!

Renee said...

great day to run outside here too! hope you had a nice one!

Christina said...

Sounds like your decorating method is very, very much like mine. : ) The only thing I'd add is to not be afraid to experiment with color combinations and balanced asymmetry. I've happily discovered many delightful surprises when I step out of my mental decorating box.

We are enjoying our first really nice days here too, though today has been partially cloudy with a few rainy sprinkles.

Anonymous said...

all that talk about not being a good thrifter, and you were being modest all along! can't believe you decorated that room on less than $10!! you win.

j said...

Ok, I seriously hate you Summer Harms. I don't know you, but I am completely in like with this blog. You are just so wonderful and everything about this is just great. I have gone through a great portion of your blog and I love it. Also, why did I read your love story, now I can't wait for you to update. Please do, you are just so full of pure joy and it's great to see. Keep up the great work.

-Jaz said...

isn't this weather fabulous? more like heavenly? i wish it could be like this year 'round, but then again, we might start to take it for granted.

summer, i love how resourceful you always are. content to live {beautifully} within your means. you are a shining example. thrift on.

rosie said...

hello found you through ampersandity! lovely blog and high five on this super thrifty room!



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