May 5, 2010
{note to self: be very grateful for days when you feel fine. the days when you don't need a nap, you can do the laundry and not get winded, and you can breathe through both nostrils. and for heaven's sake, be thankful that you can smell and taste your food.}
so i've been fighting a cold. but happily, i can taste again! things are looking much brighter. my system seems to get attacked by this bug about every 6 weeks. why can't my body fight it off yet? anyone? anyway. hi guys, i'm back! and i want to forget the racket of head colds and phlegm.
recently around here..
1. picked rhubarb with judy. it feels so cool to pick your own food.
2. mother's day breakfast at preschool.
3. grant's started the 3rd class in his master's program.
4. new love for pandora, and ingrid michaelson.
5. grant mowed the lawn on the diagonal. it looks impressive.
6. last batch of granola bars for school lunches.
7. am craving homemade pizza. and i know just the recipe.
8. lost is almost over, thank goodness.
9. visit to the dentist yesterday = no cavities and thumbs up on my flossing! yay.
10. it's been wicked crazy windy. today at preschool, one boy told me, 'we can't go out there! we'll get blown away!' he's probably right.
my husband's at class.
turkey and swiss on toast.
clean sheets.
nail painting and dish washing. in reverse order, of course.
feels good to be feeling good.


Bryant said...

You have no idea how much I miss watering those flowers.

Hannah said...

What happened to #7?

Sorry about your cold! :( boo said...

glad you are feeling better. could it be allergies? head colds are a huge bummer. it seems like the older i get (and i'm not even that old!) the more bothersome they become and the more they slow ya down...

clean sheets are sounding heavenly right about now...

Christina said...

Love your lists, as always. : ) I'm so sorry you've been unwell and glad to hear that you're on the mend.

Lillie said...

I'm so with you on LOST. seriously.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Yay to feeling better! If you make pizza you MUST share the recipe. I LOVE homemade pizza!

Julie said...

Just found your blog - lovely! noticed you've been frustrated by cold bugs all too often- I have been studying this and now have a blog with recipes and health info to save you from getting it again. It's new so pls forgive some vacant info still- but if you have a minute to read this post perhaps it might help a little. Basically eating a more alkaline diet with lots of raw greens and doing a cleanse/feast will give your body much better immunity and you will flush toxins and minimize cold symptoms once your body is clean. Hope you are feeling better:)



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