June 28, 2010
good news: our neighbor gave us a sackful of strawberries! doesn't a sweet gesture like that just get you? i know. i love when the berries still have their little stems. and i love neighbors. and strawberries. and summertime.
my little niece addie and her family are here with us at camp this week! she likes to hang out with champ, the camp dog. and so do a lot of 'the big girls'-- including me. we smother him.
we had a terrific storm over the weekend. it was wicked awesome nasty bad, as grant would say. i'm pretty sure severe weather is 10x more fun at camp.
and now the only bad news.. storms kinda trash docks. big time.
well, it's monday! that means a morning meeting, granola baking, homemade pizza creating, and the start of senior high camp! i'm off to the kitchen. more soon.


Brea said...

Aww... Please tell Miss Addie that we said HI! I thought seeing your posts and pictures would help curb my craving for seeing all you guys, but it seems to be making it worse! Haha. Have a wonderful Monday and while you're at it, if you pass a 'Harms' today, tell 'em I said Hi too. I'm sure you don't really need one more task to do today ;o)

Christina said...

What lovely photos and narration. The strawberries are literally making my mouth water!

Renee said...

i know those camp shetek maintenance men will have that dock back in no time! camp looked wonderful today! if you happen to pass a calvin today...tell her i said hi!

Aunt Kayleen said...

It was great to see you yesterday Summer! I got to drive by your house and I even got to see your second-hand store!! Loved your sweet little home and all its pleasant surroundings!! What a blessing!!

Anonymous said...

those strawberries look perfect & even though it's bad news, the photo of the beat-up dock may be my fave!



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