June 29, 2010
5:50 wake up, shower, pray for the day ahead!
6:55 kiss grant good morning/goodbye, leave brygger and head over to the kitchen
7:00 flip about 300 pancakes.. eat nuts and drink water to tide me over until breakfast
8:20 eat breakfast (thank goodness! i am starving.)
8:30 say good morning to campers and serve them pancakes (they are happy campers now!)
8:45 dishes, dishes, dishes-- turn on some happy working songs
10:00 clean brygger bathrooms (my specialty is toilets)
10:30 we got to sit in on a little bit of morning chapel today! (a rare treat)
10:45 end of chapel, kitchen girls go to the patio to get in a quick minute of sunshine
11:00 tie on aprons, make pretty fruit platters, scoop ice cream, make salads
12:05 eat (scarf) lunch
12:10 play in the rock, paper, scissors tournament
12:15 serve chicken tamales to the campers
12:25 dishes, dishes, dishes
2:00 afternoon break! (sunshine, running away from a hornet, laundry, a nap)
4:00 back to kitchen- put away groceries, cut hamburger buns, set up for supper
5:20 sit down and eat, aka the calm before the storm
5:30 serve chicken sandwiches, warn campers that the homemade bbq sauce comes out fast
5:40 dishes, dishes, dishes. prepare stuff for egg bake and orange scones for breakfast
7:00 all done! 7 o'clock to 7 o'clock is how we roll.
7:05 walk the section with the girls, marveling that we are still willing to be on our feet
7:40 evening chapel, sing classic camp songs
later come back to our room, count my bug bites for the day, clean up clothes that got tossed around, make our bed (even though we are going to get back into it soon, i know. i just have to.), read my bible, blog, wait anxiously for grant to get home from class.
so now you know what a typical camp tuesday might look like! there's little sitting, loads of food, lots of behind-the-scenes baking (not mentioned in the above schedule today, but trust me, it happened), happy campers, dishes by the stack, granola by the ton, and much to be thankful for.
well, i should hit the sack soon so that i'm ready to start all over again... but i might just have to pop in the lounge, where they're watching toy story tonight.


Anonymous said...

you are crazy. i think i'd pass out if i did what you did -- two very big thumbs up to you! i would be a happy camper with all that yummy food too :]

Renee said...

sounds like a busy, but extremely fun day, and night! maybe you got to catch a few scenes from Toy Story....still have got to see TS 3!!

christine said...

oh man. that last post made me miss camp so much. I wish I could put my life on pause, and just go be a counselor again in cabin 7! (or camper too..) I liked your bbq sauce comment. you are super cool. I'm praying for you, grant, and camp often. have a wonderful day tomorrow, my dear friend!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

That sounds like fun crazy! As long as it's fun crazy I think it's tolerable. I am so loving your camp tales!

leni said...

how many bug bites?

Bonnie said...

I am so jealous! I want to be a part of all of that. To some it may seem like a lot of work...but I love cooking and baking, and the whole camp atmosphere! I really think I would love every minute! What great memories you will have.

summer said...

@ leni: the other day, when i got back from our walk after supper, i had gotten 7 new ones.. but they were ginormous! the swelling was incredible. one of them even left bruising!



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