June 1, 2010
hello, readers! these are for you.
(i found a wild patch of them on my running route yesterday!)
just wanted to say thank you for reading.
you always show up.
you let me play my little show and tell game and applaud me as i do it.
you put in your vote of confidence, no matter what i'm talking about/in love with that day.
you send me sweet words. i read each and every one of them.
you write me emails. you ask me questions. i love this.
and i'm going to get better at being a swift responder!
when i change my look, you always come running with compliments.
you notice my baby steps in photography. and i know i'm overdue with a post about that.
you put up with my constant stream of lists and 'my new favorite recipe.'
(i claim that to be true way too often. i know.)
you inspire me to do new things.
you bring good things my way.
and you and i have become friends.
thanks for everything.
ps. announcing the start of something new.. i will now be responding to your comments within the comment section. watch for me to pop up there with answers and little notes for you!


Kaitlyn Luce said...

Oh! I was just about to comment on the beauty of your photography before you even wrote your little comment on it. How funny! Your photos, blog, recipes, etc. are the greatest. Definitely my favorite blogger and I look forward to reading it every day!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I'm with Kaitlyn. I LOVE this blog and look forward to it every day. It's like a little treat every day!

Tiffany said...

how much do i enjoy you...let me count the ways! :-) thanks summer for endless happy pictures, countless amazing meals, your witty lists that encourage me to make my own, your selfless love for your husband, and your commitment to our Jesus. i simply adore reading your blog.

Christina said...

:D (No gushing today because I'm just not in a gushing mood, just a smile so you know that you made me smile.)

Christina said...

p.s. (Arg. Why do I never say everything I want to the first time?) I'm looking forward to your comment replies.

marta said...

ooh la la. seriously, what a cute hostess. and such a thoughtful gesture. i love wildflowers in a mason jar. of course, i'd expect no less of a cute gift from you. thank YOU for writing such a happy blog. we all agree, it's a pleasure to happen upon.

the southern hostess said...

What a perfect picture! It's just so happy.

Jennifer said...

Just so you know, I always try your new favorite recipes. And more often than not they are big hits!! Often becoming "go-to" recipes- such as granola bars, banana bread and monster cookie bars.
Thanks for all you do!

summer said...

@ everyone.. thank you so, so, SO much! you guys are the best.

@ christina.. i love back-to-back commenting!

@ jennifer.. hearing that my recipes have been tried is one of my most favorite things. thanks for telling me!

Anonymous said...

i second everyone else -- you're one of my faves & even when i don't have time to go through my reader, i click on over to see what you've posted for the day! keep it up, summer :]

Tesa said...

Lovely daisies! When I was growing up we spent two weeks every summer visiting my g-parents in remote upper Michigan. The wild daisies there were one of my favorite things...I would take long walks and pick arm fulls of them off the roadside. Now, I have plenty of daisies planted in my own yard because they still rank up there as one of my favorites flowers. One of my little girls has declared daisies are her favorite, too! :)

nataliep. said...

you're a pleasure to follow, summer girl. keep up the good work. looking forward to seeing you next week!



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