June 2, 2010
camp 411. june is here! and you know what that means.. or maybe you don't know. i realize some of you lovely readers weren't around last summer, so you're probably wondering why i keep talking about 'camp'. what's that all about, you ask? good thing you stopped by today! i've sifted through the questions i got last year and put together a nice, neat 411 for you.
1. what kind of a camp is it? a bible camp! we offer week-long sessions to kids ages 3rd grade to sr. high. during the week there are team competitions, chapel sessions, night games, tons of activities, and 3 square meals a day. i'm so proud to work here. we have an amazing staff, legendary traditions, and a picture-perfect camp setting.
2. what do i do at camp? i am part of an elite group at camp. we are the kitchen girls. we're tight. only about 6 people have the privilege of working in the camp kitchen, and i'm one of them! lucky me! we have awesome days together. we bake fresh bread, mix homemade granola, frost cakes, grill chicken, slice strawberries, plate cookies, trim roasts, mince garlic, arrange muffins, and stock the pantry. and we usually sing along to show-tunes while we do it. and we have afternoon breaks to enjoy the sunshine. i think my job is pretty stellar.
3. where will grant and i stay? what happens to our house? next week, grant and i will start packing for the summer stay at camp. our housing will be a room in brygger, which is basically a lodge for the staff. when we make the big move (we report for duty june 14th), we will empty our fridge as much as we can, turn everything off, and lock up the house. the camp isn't far from town, so we'll stop by the house at least once a week to mow and pick up the mail.
4. what will become of the blog? we will have wireless internet in brygger (yay!), and our trusty iMac will stay in our room with us, of course. grant needs it for video production, and i will sneak in time for the blog too! now, i know last summer i was horrible about blogging at camp. read this post, if you don't remember how sad it got. but this year i'm making a resolution to do better! and i have some ideas up my sleeve to help keep me connected to you guys.
5. why does camp play such a huge role in our life? not only does camp provide us with an opportunity to serve Christ, minister to kids, make music videos, invent games, play mail call, hang out by campfires, and generally have a killer kid-like summer-- it's a family tradition. grant's dad is the camp director, my mother-in-law is the head chef, my brother and sister-in-law are head of programming, another brother and sis-in-law work there too, and grant is head maintenance man and also head videographer. needless to say, it is the heart and soul of the harms family summers.
i'm so excited to be there, reunited with the summer staff and my summer home, in less than two weeks! have a camp question? please leave me a comment!


ChelseaF said...

How do you stay so cute AND modest all the time? Your pics are adorable! Are you guys ever counselors for campers? Or do you just stay in your own room/cabin all summer?

DREW'S MOM said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the summer! I think it's great of you guys to offer this to your community. Have a blast.. and of course keep us posted!

Bryant said...

YES! I appeared on your blog! I'm honored.

that's what i'm talking about

EliseBlaha said...

THAT'S SO COOL! I'm jealous. what a great way to spend the summer!!

Hannah said...

Working in the Camp Kitchen at my camp was one the best jobs for me, too. I'm jealous. Have a great time!!

marta said...

oh how the anticipation is brewing. happy prepping to you and the rest of the camp crew!

summer said...

@ Chelsea.. wow! thank you SO much for the sweet compliment! i rely pretty heavily on t-shirts at camp, which works out great because grant thinks they're cute!

no, we will not be doing any counseling this summer, as our jobs are already full-time positions. plus, as a married couple, it would be really hard to be apart ALL THE TIME. (which would happen if we were counselors.) this way, we can at least depend on nighttime to be able to actually see each other and talk!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I want to come to camp. Do they let 30 somethings come to camp? You make it sound like so much fun and who could resist that food!

teresa-bug said...

What a perfect way to spend the summer!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

nataliep. said...

what an exciting summer ahead! enjoy this fun season!!



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