June 21, 2010
oh it's all so familiar.
walking the gravel to get my breakfast
working hard and actually needing a nap
fresh baked sweets on every counter (cookies, coffee cake, granola, cinnamon raisin bread..)
hanging out with the kitchen girls
telling each other, 'do not let me eat another dessert today!'
living all together
eating cereal in the back booths
sitting on the couches in the lounge (our most favorite spot)
sharing the bathroom
staggering shower times
smelling the cinnamon granola smell
playing games with scrabble tiles
running 'the section'
wearing an apron
cleaning brygger bathrooms
playing the piano in the empty dining hall
no tv. mostly books, laptops, and conversation
hugging grant when he comes in for lunch and supper
well, we spent our first week getting the place cleaned, polished, mowed, and weed-whacked. we had our annual visit from the health inspector and did the wash every dish in the kitchen project and all lists have been crossed off. let the campers come! our first camp arrived yesterday, and today is our first full day.. cooking for 120 begins at 7:00 am! by the time you read this, i may already be in the throes. wish us luck!


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I am so loving reading about camp! I hope you have a great week with the campers and can't wait to hear all about it!

Cami said...

The place looks AMAZING! If it wasn't so far away I would have signed up a camper or two myself. Good luck!

nataliep. said...

summer, you have such a way of captivating your readers into whatever you're doing. i love that about your writing style. camp seems like such a romantic, adventurous and fun place to be. enjoy ever minute of it!



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