June 21, 2010
go see Toy Story 3.
seriously. nothing beats a good, clean, kid-movie-that's-written-for-adults.
the camp shetek staff, most of us first generation Toy Story kids, saw it on opening night. and we went crazy over it. it may the best one yet. grant says he's never left a theatre so happy with the movie he just saw. i laughed, i cried, i wished my dad had been watching it with me because i know exactly the parts he'd be laughing at. i'm so happy it ended on a good note!
for those of you who remember the novelty of the first one, you're going to love the final chapter.


nataliep. said...

yay!! thanks for the movie review. it's always good to know what you're getting into before you spend all the money to go see a movie. tom and i will have to watch this one.

Kirsten said...

Wasn't it amazing? Such a good movie ... and I bawled like a baby.

Kelli said...

We are going Saturday and I can't wait!!!! I loved the first one the best.

Anonymous said...

we watched it on saturday & LOVED it. i cried at the end -- was such a sweet ending :]

marta said...

thank you, thank you. been wanting to see it and wondered if it was worth it. am booking a date night right now. glad you guys had a fun night out! love all the excitement of a movie with friends in a theater too!

Christina said...

I've been curious about this movie. You're not the first who's said it was great! We'll for sure be renting it when it comes out.



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