July 3, 2009
it's just been completely submerged in camp. there are almost no other thoughts that occupy my mind. all is camp. keeping the campers fed and washing commercial-size dishes and scrubbing sinks and toilets and stacking 150 plates 6 times a day and replenishing fruit bowls and sweeping up our kitchen is good, clean, hard work. life-submerging work.
june was great, big fun. july is going to be fun, too, but maybe a little more exhausting. finding a balance between work and playtime and nap time and laundry time has become a constant struggle. and finding blog time is an even bigger battle. (as you can tell by the date of my last post.) i am disappointed in my lack of writing so far this summer, but not surprised. camp is just like that. it takes over. and although that means missing out on certain things, like sleep and blogging and shaving my legs, i like it. although we work long days and have short nights, i like it. i guess the moral of this post is: i'm dead tired, but i'm not dead yet. God is giving me strength. He is so good. i never have more than i can handle, because His power is made perfect in my weakness.
tomorrow the junior high camps begin. my goal is to take it all in and not think about the busyness. i want to take my camera outside. lay in the sun. take a nap. sit under a tree with my bible. make a phone call. and maybe even write a blog post or two. wish me luck.


Kelli said...

Good to "hear" from you. I'm glad you are enjoying camp...one of your favorite things. We'll be here when you get back, you enjoy...and take a nap or two.

stina1125 said...

love it. good luck! p.s. i miss you. i know you're just a kitchen away... but i miss being right next to you chopping garlic & onion. i prayed for you this morning. know i love love love you and your blog.

Tawnya said...

I've been thinking of you and your busy summer at Shetek. It's completely understandable and expected that life at camp becomes all consuming...especially when you're living on camp grounds. You are being a blessing to others as you pour out your life this summer in little and big ways!

Kerri Lynne said...

so happy to hear you're enjoying camp! :)

mj said...

sounds like they are very fortunate to have you at camp! :) hope you get to do those things you mentioned in between all the hard work! :)



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