August 17, 2010
i'm not in-the-know about baseball (and i don't have the stamina to pay attention for 9 innings), but i do know the sights and sounds of being at a stadium. immaculately mowed lines, a backdrop of skyscrapers, sold out seats, and the dizzying smell of mini donuts. i liked being in amongst the fans, in their city, on a twins gameday. you could sense that everyone was there for the same reason. and a storm made a spectacular end to the game. the rain drops looked like snowflakes under the stadium lights. what a sight.


Anonymous said...

oh man! looks like you had a really fun time! :)

Eeny said...

You look adorable in that picture.

Bonnie said...

aw, a ball game is always fun! cute little guy you got with ya there!

Nicole said...

these are GREAT shots!!! I can't stand watching baseball on tv, but I LOVE going to games!

Renee said...

i'm with Nicole...there is something about "being there" that is so much more fun than watching on tv! Love the pics...they are all wonderful shots...and especially the last one!



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