August 16, 2010
we had a great weekend in the city. i love the feeling of being somewhere else.
while we were there, i got to see the mary tyler moore, had my first trip to trader joe's (yay!), ate chipotle twice, had a stroll in anthropologie, a free ride to Target Field on a cool bike courtesy of Target (i love Target), saw a twins game, walked the nicollet mall, hung out with family, and ran through the crowded city streets during a rainstorm at night. it was so fun. it didn't even feel like my life.. for a day.
tomorrow.. photos from target field and the best farmers market of my life!


Renee said...

sounds like you had a great time!!
ooohh...i bet you loved that looks really cool!
can't wait to see more pics tomorrow!

Nessa said...

I love watching The Mary Tyler Moore show. Can't wait to see the farmers market pictures.

Amanda said...

Okay, now I want to be a Minneapolis tourist. I usually go just to visit my sister, but now I want to stay an extra day and visit all these fun places.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I'm headed to Minneapolis on Sunday. Unfortunately it's for work and I won't to get to have the fun that you did, but you make it sound like such a good time! That bookstore looks amazing.

kristin said...

looks like it was great! we went to the farmer's market in the town we're moving into last weekend. i thought it would be fairly large considering the sign that is posted outside. my heart broke when i saw it was one booth. i look forward to seeing your experience!

Bethany said...

Sweet! I haven't been in that bookstore in years. Did you go in the basement? Did you climb over the boxes of books?

John and Teresa said...

you'll be happy to know if you don't already that trader joe's is opening in omaha!

nataliep. said...

what fun, summer. so happy for you!



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