August 25, 2010
look! aunt debbie brought me a new apron, all the way from california. thanks, debbie! (and brea, i heard that you were the one who mentioned my name.. thank you so much! you are too kind.) doesn't it look like it's fit for a tea party? that's why i love it. the pocket is pretty cute, too.
in other news, today i'm doing a bunch of little things. bleaching new thrifted dishes, touching up paint spots in our kitchen, tweezing eyebrows, dumping the toaster crumbs, wiping out the microwave, etc. there's so many mini jobs that can get lost in the mix. somedays i like to think up a whole list of them and go to town. what little things do you do from time to time?


Mom Judy said...

I love aprons. It is definitely a tea party apron and looks so cute on you. Soon you are going to need a hook to hang your aprons on as a display. It makes great kitchen decor. I need to clean my stove hood screens from time to time...and it's time

Anneliese said...

i always make sure to get into the closet & pull out empty hangers that are mixed in.

that apron is SO cute! looks soft & comfy too.

Nichole said...

Little things I just got done doing: refilling my smaller spices, salt, pepper etc. containers from my bulk canisters that I buy from Sam's. Also, refilled my sugar canister, pancake syrup bottle, honey jar, and brown sugar container from my bulk supplies. It makes buying bulk easier for me when I keep the smaller versions in my ready to use cupboards.

Tawnya said...

Wipe down the kitchen cabinets (they are 'antique white')...they can get pretty grimey with little (and big!) hands on them all of the time:)

marta said...

ooh, so cute. you in an apron, i can totally picture it. love that pocket. perfect for your housewifery-ing. the way you describe mini jobs is oh so true. here are a few on my to-do list.

- wipe out the microwave (am trying to stay on this)
- wipe down the fridge and front door
- vacuum the tall corners for cobwebs
- dust the blinds (this job is not so 'mini')
- water the plant
- organize & recycle outdated magazines
- dust off top of the fridge
- wipe out fridge (i am on this every week after i go to the grocery store and then i line up all the new stuff, i love that feeling)
- clear out bathroom drawers & shelves (re-pour my tiny bottles for the toiletry kit, it's nice to have that all ready so you can pack up real quick)
hmm.. i'm sure i'll think up some more.

happy working day.

sophiesara said...

oh the list of little things..
-restack the pile of books next to my bed
-delete old emails
-change the water in the fishbowl
-deadhead the plants on my deck
-update photos in frames
-add to the storage closet...kleenex, tp, shampoo/cond, i have it when i run out
-dust under/around the piano
-whiten my teeth with crest whites trips

i could go on and on...the little jobs are a day to catch up

Maryclayre Dick said...

I love you apron!!

summer said...

oh, i love it.. all these little jobs! you guys are so smart! i'm taking notes. thank you!

tegyn said...

i found your blog somewhere down the line of blogs of friends of blogs, etc...
i think your posts are so genuine and so sweet! :)
now that thats out of the way...

i love opening the windows to air out a room, organizing all the odds and ends that collect themselves into a pile of "randoms," and finding time to notice something pretty outside.

ps...cute cute apron!

Tesa said...

the "little thing" on my to-do list is to dust under my bed... I love my wood floors for this very reason- a few swishes will collect all those little dust bunnies lurking under there!

charming apron...

Anna said...

I love your apron! I love your blog also. It always makes me smile :)

Christina said...

Too cute! I just got a new apron too. One of my friends made it for me and it's Very Cute. : )

My mini-job yesterday was trimming my two boysies fingernails: an important small job that often gets put off too long.

Brea said...

Yay! The apron is SO you. A-dor-a-ble. Wait till I tell my mom she made it on your blog... She'll scream!

I can't wait to start crossing off my to-do list. It's been accumulating but not getting done and it's officially overwhelming me right now. I plan to attack it next week if I'm lucky, then I'll breathe again.

Katie said...

darling apron :) aprons are something that one could never have too many of, I think!



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