August 20, 2010
lunch yesterday was just this. sweet corn. yumm! the perfect we-haven't-been-to-the-grocery-store-yet-but-we-did-go-to-the-farmers-market meal.
since then, we have been to two grocery stores, bread has been baked, and the fridge is full once more. thank you, Lord! it is so fun to be able to spend money on good food, especially when you've had a 2 month break from it. lots of other things are also fun when you've been away for 2 months.. the lighting in your bathroom, the depth of your cereal bowls, the speed of your internet.. it's all so wonderful!
these coming home from camp days are truly some of my favorites of the whole year. one, because school hasn't started yet and that means grant is around me all day. and two, because it's the middle of august! that is a magical time. the edge of summer. my mind is overflowing with thoughts of how to make the most of it. especially all the yummy foods. right now there are 12 ways to use tomatoes dancing in my head. i can't wait to make myself at home in my kitchen again. the meal ideas i've stocked up over june and july are burning a hole in my proverbial pocket. for instance, is it bad when baking bread comes before taking a shower?
anyway. the homecoming has been a sweet one, even if i did find ants in my baking cupboard. (don't worry. i'm on it.)


Maryclayre Dick said...

Yay to being back in your own home...and to sweet corn for lunch. My absolute fav.
I think next week I am going to try your bread recipe...
Enjoy your time with Grant!

Nichole said...

I love your log section trivet Summer. And no, when the baking urge strikes it doesn't matter if the shower hasn't been taken. Hands washed, yes, shower, not so much : )

Christina said...

Nope. It's most definitely not bad when baking preempts showering. : )

P.S. I've been very negligent about commenting lately, but I HAVE still been enjoying reading!

summer said...

@ maryclayre.. oh i hope you like it, mary! let me know!

@ nichole.. that's what i'm talkin about!

@ christina.. you are so sweet!

Hannah said...

Summer, thankyou so much for your lovely message. I am so glad that my post found its way to you - I realize it probably didn't arrive in time for mail call - so sorry about that!

It's lovely to read about all of the things you are enjoying now that you are back home. I definitely think that absence from your home makes the heart grow fonder :)

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Take that yummy corn and try this recipe.

It was the best thing I've eaten in a long time. I know you will love it.

Kristi said...

just curious....what did you do about the ants? i have some intruders of my own and they are not welcome here!!

summer said...

@ kristi.. aren't they pesky?! i know! i bought a few of those ant 'houses' to put around my kitchen, but i'm also using crushed red pepper to keep them away from certain areas. and i read that if you mop your floor with some lavender oil in the water, that will keep them away.. so i'm trying that next!

Amanda said...

Sweet corn equals summer in my eyes. My mother told me about childhood nights when all she would eat was sweet corn. I can't wait to bulk up this year and freeze some for the winter.



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