August 27, 2010
after i wrote about how hot it was here, it cooled off into an awesome 75 degree slump. what a blessing it is to have nice weather. in fact, this week has been full of nice things..
1. the windows are open and cool breezes come inside our house.
2. iced tea every day.
3. lord of the rings every night after dinner, until we finished the whole trilogy. it was so fun.
4. herbs on my doorstep. which will be on my pizza tonight.
5. i wake up every morning and it's sunny!
6. i wake up every morning and think 'what day is it?' just like i used to when i was a little girl. when there was nothing to do but whatever the day brings. summer vacation is sweet.
7. no need to wear slippers yet. or even socks. still going barefoot/flip-flops.
8. the egg man at the farmers market was out of eggs yesterday. so he gave us a blue potato instead.
9. we are shopping for a piano. for reals. we've been hunting for months and months, but now- provided we can find a way to move the thing- we are going to do it!
10. roasted sweet potatoes. all of a sudden, i love this vegetable.
now the BONUS part of the post.. a scene from the blue room.
can't wait to get mattresses and start shopping for bedding!


Anonymous said...

Do tell what the patties are and how to make them??? They look delicious!!!!

summer said...

@ anonymous.. they are banana blueberry pancakes! but i'm sad to tell you that they look better than they taste. they are a healthy version of a pancake, with very little flour, and i was so excited to try them.. but i doubt i'll make them again. i have other healthy pancakes that i like better!

(check out my buttermilk oatmeal pancakes if you'd like!)

southern daze said...

Thought it was time for me to tell you that your blog makes me happy each & every time I read it :-) Hope you have a happy weekend!

Christina said...

And what do you know, after I posted a comment on your post about how cool it was here, it warmed right up! We've been having days in the mid-to-high 80's and 90's (which is warm for us--we have no AC). : ) Your blue room is charming and your kitchen scenes are lovely too.

Christina said...

p.s. my favorite photo in this post is the pear tomato-canning-jar one. I <3 taking photos of tomatoes. They're my favorite vegetable to photograph.

Bonnie said...

oh i loved the photos in this post..especially the one with the empty jars and the pear tomato on top! Mmm, iced tea every day, flip flops, cooler weather..I hear ya..we're enjoying the same thing here too!

Kelli said...

I love your lists and how you just enjoy life with your honey. Love the blue room and the bunk beds. Enjoy the breeze!

christine said...

yay! now ironing boards won't fall on our heads when we come spend the night! ha!

summer said...

@ christine.. yes, you will be safe now. please come again!



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