September 22, 2010
..sometimes lunch looks a lot like breakfast.
ps. the slice of bread is from this loaf, in case you feel like baking today.


Tesa said...

we're having breakfast for lunch today at this house, too! eggs, toast/apricot muffins...
happy lunchtime!

Renee said...

and sometimes dinner....looks alot like breakfast!! we had eggs and bacon last night! wished i had some of that delicious bread though!! i should make some this afternoon!

jacs23 said...

summer, i found your blog today and have been captivated -- your pics are great, your joyful spirit contagious...i wish you blessings today as you eat breakfast for lunch!
xox jacs ><>

Josie said...

Can't wait to try that bread.
Baking in the fall is simply the best.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

It's a good thing we aren't neighbors. You would never get rid of me!

Do you use a breadmaker to make your bread? I'm thinking of asking for one for Christmas, but I'm not sure if I would use it much.

summer said...

@ misplaced country girl.. actually toi, i don't even OWN a bread machine! i think it's so much easier just in my mixer. do you have a mixer with a dough hook? if you do, then we're in business. if you don't have a dough hook, don't worry, we're still in business. let me know!

@ jacs23.. oh my goodness. THANK YOU so much!! you're so sweet.



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