September 21, 2010
this is probably the end of the peaches.
but we're still eating peaches! that's pretty exciting. and guess what else.. a local farm had half a field of watermelon leftover that the grocery stores wouldn't take, so grant and i just scored 3 free watermelons. sweet!
i am savoring the end, literally.
so long, summertime.
ps. yesterday, when i was still numb at lunchtime, i did turn on the heat in our house. can you believe it?! heat on september 20th! about an hour later, i realized it was actually hot outside.. 80 degrees of loveliness. so i ended up opening up the windows and the house warmed up nice and toasty. from shivering to sweating. weather this time of year is weird.
and this song is perfect tonight.


Christina said...

I love this version of this song. And it never fails to make me smile because I'll never be able to FORGET the 21st night of September--it's my older son's birthday. :D

We ate perhaps the last plums of the season this week. It's happy and sad at the same time.

Hannah Hildebrandt said...

I definitely listened to that song tonight too :-) I have been waiting a few weeks for this.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I'm hoping I can get some peaches at the market this weekend. It will probably be the last ones of the seaason. I'm happy fall is coming, but sad we have to give up all the yummy food.

Bonnie said...

What a great score on the free watermelon! Lucky dog you! Today I will be harvesting probably the last of my tomatoes. Some are still green and on the vine, but with the weather getting cooler, I just don't know if they will do well or not.
P.S. I love that song by Pomplamoose!



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