September 20, 2010
we're back.
so... as some of you might already know, the game didn't go our way. (we need sidney rice back!!) but we still had an awesome experience. i mean, we were in the same place as brett favre. that is a cool feeling. and we got fantastic seats-- sitting right by the players' families! it was so exciting. there was even an interview conducted right next to us. the nfl wives all carried purple purses and the kids were adorable. little adrian peterson was maybe the cutest kid ever.
other big news from the trip.. discovered the marvelous world of ikea. ran into an old camp friend. had the best burrito yet at chipotle. reunited with target. and managed to arrive just in time to catch a showing of twilight eclipse at a dollar theatre. it was perfect. (and we are crazy. about edward.)
we came home to a very very cold house. did your house get the chills this weekend? we haven't turned the heat on yet.. but i'm guessing that's not far away. it's cold. like the toilet seat is ice cold. and we added another blanket to our bed cold. and i'm putting chili on this week's menu cold.
so, happy cold day to you! i'll be here, unpacking and trying to get blood circulating through my fingers. more soon, as always.
ps. thank you tony and heidi! we love you guys, and your kids, and your house. (and your guest bed is super cozy.)


Renee said...

you should make a trip home!! supposed to be 89 here today!! but, yes it was chilly here over the weekend...and def. felt like "chili" weather! wished we could have seen the Vikings game...we saw the Chiefs! sounds like a great weekend!

Bekah: said...

Sooo sad, wishing for cold. Another triple digit day here in Arizona...

Maryclayre Dick said...

what a fun weekend...what a fun mini vaca! i wish I had some of your is still hot here!

Bec said...

Too funny- I was in the Twin Cities this weekend and definitely made a stop at IKEA.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Your trip sounds like lots of fun. There really isn't anything like going to an NFL game.

Summer won't let us out of it's grip yet. I'm so looking forward to cool weather again, but the heat and humidity just won't leave. Send some cold air our way!

Christina said...

We had to turn on our heat for the first time in August! (Yes, you read that right.) I mean, I know I live in Montana and all, but August seems a little extreme. I thought of your post last year about the first-time-the-furnace-is-turned-on-smell and smiled.

I'm sorry the game didn't go as you had hoped, but I'm glad that overall the trip was good.

Christina said...

p.s. You two make a couple that's two adorable for words. : )

Heidi said...

So nice having you guys this weekend.
I've got chili on my menu this week too. And last night I wished I added an extra blanket.

Did you get to try the strawberry scones?

Renee said...

p.s. how were you able to score such great seats?? good connections!

ChelseaF said...

Luke wanted me to be sure and tell you that we love the Twilight movies. :)

Also, Ikea is my family's obsession (my mom's goal is to have an entire home decorated from Ikea!) and my favorite Ikea juice glasses were my Mother's Day gift last year.

summer said...

@ heidi.. yes! heidi those scones were perfect. i'd love to get the recipe sometime! is it nearly the same as the orange scones one?

@ mom.. hi mom! funny to be talking to you like this.. but anyway, we bought our tickets on ebay- aren't they sweet? grant is good like that. oh, and it is supposed to be 82 here today (at some point) so i have no idea why it is still freeeezing in our house. but yes, i would love to come home and enjoy your almost-90 with you!

@ chelsea.. chels, i am so glad you said that. now i don't feel so silly. please tell luke we are SO with you guys! and i must see your ikea glasses sometime.

Elizabeth said...

I WISH it was cold! It's still burning here in OKC. Ready for fall weather and fall clothing!!!

kristin said...

sounds like my favorite kind of weather. i'm still sneaking the windows open here. love that!

nataliep. said...

cute picture. glad you had a great weekend!



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