September 17, 2010
good morning, good morning. here's what is up today:
a. woke up to a genuinely chilly room. i think i'm excited about that.
b. is it just me, or does a cold bedroom make the sleep you just had seem a lot cozier?
c. raw oats for breakfast. loving this.
c. excited to get on the road with grant after school today! i love trips. i love cities. i love football. i love driving with him.
d. just now, am baking bread to make peanut butter sandwiches for the car.
e. and i'm bringing my new magazine. magazines and car trips are made for each other, don't you think? (am packing my very beginners knitting project for the ride too. yay.)
f. thinking about my little sis today.. happy homecoming, chels!
g. the sugar maples over on maple street are already golden-izing. grant wants to buy a baby one for our yard.
h. loving this shop. ooh, those weck jars. and this apron. anyone know of a pattern like this? as if i need another apron in my life. i already have way too many.
i. there were free puppies at the farmers market yesterday. i almost cried. then i left a silly message on grant's phone about them. and i'm pretty sure i had a dream about a puppy last night.
j. it's a bad idea to paint your nails without polish remover in your house.
k. dear Vikings, please win. this will be my first game and i'd really like it to end well.
happy weekend, everyone!
skol vikings.


nataliep. said...

sounds like an amazing weekend. hope the game is good and the vikings win!

Miranda said...

I've been eating raw oats for breakfast too! Perfect for the time when I'm not ready for hot breakfast yet. Goodness that apron is gorgeous. Let's make one! Happy weekend, dearie.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do so love that apron, too! Hope your trip is wonderful and your team wins!

Amanda said...

You are one lucky duck! Getting to go to an NFL game in the home stadium of my favorite is a dream of mine. Here's to the win (I picked them for my football league so I hope they pull it off)!

I was wondering--do you have a bread recipe that you've featured on your blog or one that you like? I'm really interested in making my own wheat bread.

I agree with you: magazines and car trips just go together like pb & j.

Anneliese said...

puppies are my weakness. free?! good girl on not convincing yourself grant would be really excited for a surprise puppy! ha!

donya said...

Go Vikings! My first game was last season's home opener where Favre threw to Lewis and scored a TD with 2 seconds left in the game! It was amazing. I hope Sunday's game is just as awesome for you. I can't wait to go to another one.

Hannah Hildebrandt said...

Summer, I will also be in the cities tomorrow...for a Twins game. :-) Hope you enjoy your very first Vikings game!

Tawnya said...

Here's a link of tons of free apron tutorials...maybe you'll find one like it:
...(my goodness! don't spend $78 on one...who would...or could?). Anyway...have fun on your weekend getaway! This city-girl at heart is a wee-bit jealous:)

Melanie Anne said...

Hi Summer,
Your weekend plans sound wonderful! I hope the vikings win! Also--how do you serve raw oats? I am you soak them in water overnite? are they oat groats? or rolled oats? my email is

summer said...

@ hannah.. hannah, it would've been so awesome to see you!! can you believe it.. we actually ran into kelsey tjepkes AND grant's cousin AND we passed jared johnson on the way up there.. out of all the people in minneapolis!

@ tawnya.. oh, i know! isn't that price just maddening? i usually spend less than 10$ on any piece of clothing i buy! thank you SO MUCH for the pattern link, my friend!

@ donya.. oh my. i wish ours had been as incredible as yours! that was an amazing game. but it was still super fun!



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