September 21, 2010
once upon a time,
the only way i liked vegetables was to have them mashed and subsequently loaded with butter and cream, dipped in ranch dressing or ketchup, or deep-fat fried.
and i thought that was living.
eventually i realized what was going on. i was eating junk! and i thought there was no hope for me. i would never enjoy real vegetables, or at least the kind that will do your body some real good. but one happy day, some roasted potatoes landed on my plate. and i found hope.
read the rest on the smithfield blog today!
i'm sharing a recipe for roasted root vegetables.. mm. my current fave.


Christina said...

Oh, I looooooooove roasted veggies too! In fact, my parents's neighbors just gave us a lot of garden-fresh carrots, parsnips, and potatoes. I roasted a whole lot of them (they were yummy!) and froze the extras for use in a delicious soup the recipe for which I'll be posting soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Summer,
Ooohhh, thank you for the perfect recipe for this time of year! And, a special huge thank you for the nice time you out of your day to answer my questions about the soup pot and the food processor. You are as sweet as, I take that are much sweeter!

Riss said...

Yum. Now THIS is the perfect look of fall! Unfortunately for me, we in Atlanta are bringing in the first days of fall with steamy temperatures in the 90s! But, that's not stopping me from stacking up all the "root vegetable" recipes I plan to make once the chill FINALLY sets in!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I have a love affair with roasted potatoes and rosemary. You can bet I'll be trying this recipe very soon!

summer said...

@ mary ann... oh my goodness. you are too nice. thank you!!!



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