October 7, 2010
hi guys! so... at this point you might be thinking something like this:

seriously, summer?! we just had the intense food posts last week, and now you throw another one on us? uggh..

yes, i know. i'm sorry! i should have spaced things out a bit. i just can't help myself. i realize my food 'coming out' has probably been dumped on you in a very weird way. sorry about that, too. but this is the best place for me to blurt out all the stuff that i'm super excited about. whether it's the latest greatest nail polish color (jade is the new black by opi looks pretty cool) or the fact that my oatmeal pancake batter sat soaking on my counter for 24 hours. it's my little diary of sorts, so please bear with me! even if you can't stand the food mumbo-jumbo, i promise that's not the only thing that i will ever be excited about again.

for now, let's take a little breather with some autumn love. in my kitchen and on our street. 

i really love mums. i just decided that. more things i'm loving about this fall so far:

1. no frost yet! (but still a chill in the air)
2. 3 blankets on our bed
3. football.. especially randy moss
4. the sweet potatoes are already being harvested
5. roasted sweet potatoes!! whether they're hot or cold
7. homemade lavender soap from heidi
8. skipping eye liner
9. black bean and rice chili
10. my new ikea kitchen towels
11. raisins, for some weird reason
12. the trees in our town, they're on the verge of switching from full to bare. i can feel it. any minute i'll turn around and there will only be branches. 
13. salsa salads (romaine + salsa + guacamole)
14. picking up 3 different kinds of squash at the farmers market
15. and a big jar of raw honey!! yay.

happy thursday! we're done with preschool for the week, and tomorrow i'm headed out to camp to help make a grand meal come to life. there are like 4 different kinds of dessert involved. wish you were coming?  


Misplaced Country Girl said...

So much to comment on here! I love all these food "coming out" posts. I feel like you are making me a better person. It's all very inspiring. You just keep doing what you love and what feels important to you!

I was at the farmer's market last weekend and sweet potatoes were EVERYWHERE and now I'm sad that I didn't buy any. Roasted sweet potatoes sound so good.

Um, black bean and rice chili? I must know more about this. Chili is one of my favorite foods this time of year. I love all varieties!

I just talked to my mom this weekend about giving me a start of her sour dough starter. Now I'm even more excited about getting it.

Thank you so much for spending your time and energy on this blog. I absolutely love coming here to see what each new day holds. It makes my day!

kristin said...

are people really bummed about your food posts?! i find them all fascinating.

it also has slowed my roll on blogging. i have realized that in the stag of life i'm in, not much is changing in my day-to-day story. i feel like i'm not advancing as a writer or story teller. i'm thinking i might stop showing for the world to see and make it more *diary-esque* (this thought came about from more than one blog than yours- you don't need to worry about this burden, promise!).

i think that is why i'm loving reading how God is filling your mind with the smarts to fill your body with eating happy food. - - we had a lunch of yogurt, fruit and veggies and the kids looked at me wondering where the *substance* was. (no pb&j?! soup?! or mac n' cheese?!) ... they are under the weather so i figure that's why they didn't finish their lunch. :)

sorry this ended up being a blog entry for your blog ;)

donya gjerdingen said...

Ooh, salsa salads sound awesome! Yay for Moss (go vikings!)

swell.life said...

you definitely shouldn't apologize for the food posts. they are amazing and so eye opening to me!

thanks so much for the intro to mindy gledhill. how great is her video? so much vintage eye candy! i've listened to it 3x already!

happy fall indeed.

Lillian said...

Ooooh - any chance your Ikea kitchen towels are the white flour sack towels with the red stripe??? Those are my absolute favorite in my kitchen:)

summer said...

@ everyone.. thanks you guys! the food posts are truly some of my favorites, so i'm glad i don't need to stop!

@ lillian.. yes! i do have a couple of the infamous red stripe towel. LOVE them.

@ kristin.. your lunch story was amazing. am so glad you shared it!! did they still eat everything?



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