October 13, 2010
hooray! a brand new product goes on sale today. now stocked in the shop: the harvest collection


the pumpkin-y autumn postcards sold out so quickly (2 days!), that marta and i decided we'd like to offer you a new collection, just in time for harvest! (so you can still get your pumpkins if you missed out before.) and wow, i am super excited to show you these prints. they are quite possibly my favorite photos ever! am loving the elegant white background and stripey gourds.


the new collection includes 5 prints that feature the bounty and beauty of this season. including pumpkin pie. the series is ultra simplistic and sophisticated; perfectly suited for thanksgiving invites, place cards at the harvest table, a hostess gift for whoever is cooking your turkey, or cheery holiday greetings.

pack of five postcard prints: $10.00
sold exclusively at the mini mart. 


Hannah said...

Summer, what a beautiful selection of images - I love them!
I purchased two of your sets and received them last week - I love them and have already sent one to my mother in law in London.
Thankyou for sharing your talent : )

Eeny said...
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Eeny said...

They are so pretty. You are a really talented phototgrapher. You have an eye for the prettiness of things. Great job, Summer.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

These are GORGEOUS! You should be so proud of yourself Summer. Seeing all of this goodness come your way makes me smile.

Julia said...

These look awesome! Your photography is so beautiful. I am so glad we scooped you up for Smithfield :)

tegyn said...

So so SO cute summer!! Very festive:)

Aunt Kayleen said...

Tres chic!! Such simple elegance! I love these!!!

summer said...


i'm super thankful for your support and excitement.

Christine Peh said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely photographs!
I love your simple, minimalist style, Summer!
Postcards are on my list of "Favourite Things" :)

~ Christine

southern daze said...

Love them so much I just ordered a set!

southern daze said...

These arrived over the weekend and while I expected them to be wonderful I didn't expect to gasp in excitement when I opened the package. Oh my - they are GORGEOUS!! You and Marta are a dream team and I so look forward to buying more from the two of you in the future!



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