October 14, 2010

lately i'm discovering more and more reasons to love you..

you keep my stainless steel pots looking.... stainless.
you clean my bathroom counter, without putting fumes in my face. 
you help my bug bites stop itching. (yes, i have bug bites in october.)
you keep my fridge from reeking.
you make my pancakes light and fluffy.
you fight the hard water stains in the kitchen sink.
you exfoliate. (really, you are the perfect facial scrub.)
you scrape my cast iron skillet clean.
you polish the faucets until they shine.
you make my flowers last longer.
you help the sourdough not be too sour.
you can clean anything. toilets, tubs, sinks, shoes, the fridge, my retainer.. 
you can be used as my deodorant? i need to try this. 
and you are super cheap. 

thanks for everything. 
you are my favorite product in the whole house. 
.. summer


Whitney Lane said...

YES! in your deodorant! works amazingly well and you don't have to wear aluminum all the time.

love all these reasons you love baking soda... it is pretty amazing!

summer said...

exactly, whitney!! no aluminum = me, happy. so glad to hear that it works! i'm so trying it.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Dear Baking Soda,

You and your friends raw honey and apple cider vinegar are giving me glowing beautiful skin.

I might possibly be more in love with you than Summer is!


Maryclayre Dick said...

love love love! I will definitely have to try it in my flower water and for cleaning my skillet!!

Christine Peh said...

I've tried making deodorant using baking soda & coconut oil- it worked pretty well for a home made concoction :) the only thing is that I still got a little sweaty (because I live in the tropics and it does get pretty humid!), and it stained some of my dark shirts a little (but nothing that a regular wash couldn't remove). Yay baking soda! :)

Christina said...

I <3 baking soda too. :D

How do you use it to make flowers last longer? That's one that I had never heard of before...

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Ooh, the sourdough tidbit is new to me. Must try!

riss said...

...and don't forget you can also use it to keep those pearly whites a'sparklin!

who says you need crest white strips??

marta said...

i scrubbed my sink tonight and thought of this cute love letter blog post. thanks for the great tips and helping me appreciate the little things!

Anna said...

Baking soda can do all those things? Holy moly I need to do some experimenting.

EmMuldoon said...
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