November 19, 2010
1. next week at this time, i'll be out on the city sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. where strings of street lights, even stoplights, blink a bright red and green. yes, it really feels like that. even the stoplights are festive on that magical morning. the morning when i wake up extra early to get my annual fix of christmastime in the city. with me will be mom and sister (we'll miss you haley!). in our car, there will be newspaper ads, gift lists, and christmas music playing. in my back pocket, there will be a small stash of cash. in my hand, there will be coffee. on my face, there will be a huge smile. and in the air will be a feeling of christmas. how i love the city. and my girls. and the bustle. it is my favorite friday of the year.

2. lemon chess pie for thanksgiving?! i could get into that.

3. my brother-in-law sent me this amazing video of a 3 year old "conducting" to beethoven's 5th. each tiny hand movement is incredible! make sure you see 2:29 and 4:03.

happy friday!


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I just love that I can feel your excitement jumping through the computer!

jacs23 said...

Ooooh, sounds splendid, Summer! Have a blast & I will wish for sunshine & crisp breezes to keep you warm enough amidst the chill but cool enough while you hustle about. Do share about your day when you return! :)



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