November 18, 2010
ornament wreath

image from whitney smith

i click on it once or twice a day.
i stare at it.
the wreath.
the mirror.
the tiny trees.
the room i can see in the reflection.
i love it.
i want to bring it to life.

i think i should step it up this year and make my own cool christmas wreath.
everybody's doing it.
(anyone want to send me some acorns from their backyard? i have a walnut tree... with no walnuts.)


Renee said...

maybe we should go thrifting when you are home, and make one of those darling wreaths! here's how:

if only we could find such cute glass balls...!

can't help you out with the rest of the room! but very cute!

Cherish Stockdale said...

That is beautiful!

Diana Hulme said...

There's this website called TinEye
where you can upload photos and it will search the web for other places it's posted...isn't that incredible? I did it with this picture and here's where it's from:
You have to do a little backtracking but such a cool tool! :) found via how about orange.

summer said...

@ diana... ah! SO cool! thank you very, very much, diana!

@ mom... yes, we totally should do it, mom!

Brad and Elizabeth said...

It just so happens that I recently made one of those darling ornament wreaths, and it was super easy. Here is a little hint hot glue the tops of the ornaments to the ornament before stringing them. I couldn't get the tops of mine off so I figured I didn't need to glue them...but surely and slowly a few started to pop off! lol

Brad and Elizabeth said...

Also here is the tutorial I used!! It was so simple!

Eeny said...

The ornament wreath is so pretty.
I want to make one, too.
Thanks for sharing that beautiful picture.

heidi said...

loving it too (and saving it to my desktop too!). thanks for sharing it.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

That's so simple and pretty. Now I think I'm going to need to decorate for Christmas this weekend!



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