November 15, 2010
friday night we went to bed singing "white christmas".. and by saturday morning, the snow had arrived. and it kept blowing all day. snow makes an awesome saturday.

because of the snow, grant asked if i was going to dress extra warm and cozy. yes! i had to be cozy, and stay inside all day, because of the snow.

and because of the snow, i was totally in the mood to wrap the first christmas present of the year.  

and because of the snow, i had to make cookies. (which turned out to be weird.. like meringues. my egg must've been too big. oh well, they still tasted like peanut butter.)

and best of all, because of the snow.... class was cancelled and i got to keep grant home with me all day! he worked on the budget while i baked. he loves to do that. and we shopped on amazon and talked christmas lists and ice rinks. (grant wants to make one in our backyard) and we liked our friday night pizza so much that i made it again saturday night. you know.. because of the snow. 

ps. for our pizza, i used this crust recipe, only i didn't make it deep dish. i just spread the dough out on my biggest cookie sheet instead of splitting it up into cake pans. (you'll still want to oil the pan.) we topped it with a thin layer of crushed tomatoes, sprinkled with oregano and basil, then mozzarella and parmesan. perfect. 


Hannah said...

Hi Summer, It's always a joy to visit your space and read your words : ) I find it incredible to think that you already have snow - in England we get plenty of ice to scrape off our cars every morning, but maybe only get a few days of snow in Winter! Also, it's lovely to see a Samaritan's Purse shoebox on the other side of the Atlantic - there's a great big stack of these shoeboxes at my school, lovingly wrapped and ready to be collected by Samaritan's Purse. The work they do really is amazing, isn't it?

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I am so beyond jealous of you! I've been praying and praying and hoping and wishing for snow.

We didn't have snow, but I still spent the weekend cozied up at home with my puppers baking and cooking. It would have been 1000 times better if there had been white stuff falling!

Mandy said...

That sounds like the coziest, most perfect weekend ever. I am jealous of your snow! We got a little bit in Utah but not enough to make me happy. I want a lot!

Marisa said...

Deep dish pizza in cake pans?? You're a genius! I can't wait to surprise my hubby with one.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

cute cute little red plaid booties :)

Simply Live said...

I would love to join you and share in the splendor of snow. I truly feel that it is one of God's greatest gifts.

Also yay for a Christmas shoebox!!! My husband and I are planning on wrapping ours this week too. Great ministry!

{lovely little things} said...

I can't believe you already have snow! We've had crazy winds and low temps, I'm guessing our snow in Seattle is not far off!

riss said...

hurray for snow days! we don't get many of those in the south!

Anonymous said...

Operation Christmas Child is an amazing organization!!!
And totally jealous of the snow situation.
Darn 85 degrees, California!

madelino said...

those boots are adorable!



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