November 12, 2010
friday already?!

yes, it's here! where did this week go? i can't even tell you how it was spent, but i do know early morning basketball practices began and there were about 4 interviews with president bush mixed in there somewhere. anyway, here's what i'm loving this week.

1. piano possibilities on craigslist (if one eventually gets in our house, i will cry from happiness)
2. making granola and practicing our christmas program at preschool (jingle bells included)
3. spinach quiche!
4. the arrival of my new niece, louisa. oh that name, love it. 
5. special knee-high circulation socks.. hopefully these will help my forever-freezing toes!
6. will these help my circulation too? 
7. judy brought me a berry pie bar. we both agree: we could eat these everyday.
8. the nearness of clementine season.. how exciting.
9. the december issue of martha stewart living (spritz cookies, baby!)
10. this sweeeet hair-do. i totally want to try it. 
11. the thought of going to my favorite antique store this weekend...
12. a phone chat with mom
13. mmmmm... cornbread. or better yet, mom's thanksgiving corn casserole.
14. an awesome review of natural laundry soaps. thanks for doing all the work for me, testers!
15. leggings and slippers.
16. proverbs 11:25.. whoever refreshes others will himself be refreshed. how sweet is that?
17. whitney's easiest pillow you'll ever make
18. a giant chalkboard for sale outside of a shop in our town... why didn't i get it?!
19. best room ever? you have to see this totally awesome, amazing, beautiful nursery. i want it to be my bedroom. 
20. grant comes home in half an hour! pizza and a movie tonight.


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I want red hair just like that girl has. I'm asking Santa for that right now!

And darn you for brining up those pie bars! That was my favorite recipe all summer. I've tried to block them out of my mind. A person just walked by my desk and asked about those and then you posted about them. I think this is God's way of telling me to make them again. I can't argue with God!

Kelly said...

That nursery is gorgeous! So sweet and serene.

And a giant chalkboard? That's something we need around here, too.

Sadie Olive said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments about the nursery! :o) Your blog is beautiful! Happy Friday to you too.

Jordan and Jandee said...

I don't know if you are interested, but my friends and I make our own laundry soap. We found that it was sooooo much cheaper, and green and works better than tide. I had posted some info on my blog a while ago:

riss said...

Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned! Hope you are enjoying it.

marta said...

what a list, i love quick happy links like these. thank you, summer. hope your pizza was incredible and the weekend super fun. and yes, i can totally see you having a room like that and doing your hair in that regal style. go for it, darling.



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