November 3, 2010
i keep forgetting to show you! here's a peek at a few of the photos i took of my little sister. not my twin.. although some pictures would like to try to prove us wrong on that. she was an amazingly easy subject to work with. i was so proud of her for not being afraid of the camera! (she has always been braver than me.)

thanks for making my job easy and fun, chels. what an honor for a big sis to do your senior pics. loves.


and i love this one in color.


Christina said...

How could you *not* do that last one in color? That one and the third one are my favorites though all the photos are beautiful!

Eeny said...

Wow, Summer... you did a great job on those pictures. They are amazing. I guess your little sister is proud to have such a talented big sister.

Miranda said...

Holy Cow Summer, these are gorgeous. As is your sister. I know what you mean about not being brave in front of the camera. I don't think I could pull off the awesome candid of her laughing, but Chelsea looks stunning.

jacs23 said... have a gift! What GREAT pics...and how fun for you both!! :)


Grandma G said...

Wow! You do an awesome job!

Love that last pic, and I even recognize the road. :)

marta said...

absolutely positively stunning snapshots. way to rock the first people photo shoot. i have a feeling, you've found a new 'hobby'. the styling is just perf. your sis is downright darling. love the outfits too. please where did that plaid shirt come from?

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Ah! She's a cutie! These are great Summer.

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

The last pic is super great!

donya said...

Great photos, Summer! You did a lovely job and I bet your sister loves you even more for it. Love that last one!

Cherish Stockdale said...

wow Summer great job! they look professional! :)

Anonymous said...

SHE GREW UP!!!! Such a beautiful young lady!!!

Tammie Moore said...

really beautiful summer! i love the one where she is looking up. great shot! you should take pictures of people more often...

kerri lynne said...

how beautiful! and i definitely LOVE the last one in color. so chic.

Anna said...

You are so talented!



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