November 4, 2010
while you are busy making holiday plans (thanksgiving is only 3 weeks from today) don't forget to grab your pack of harvest postcard prints! today marta is hosting a pre-holiday event at the shop. be sure to pop over if you're hoping to get your hands on one. this will be the final re-stock of the year, so don't miss out!! 

here's a peek at the prints you can purchase. simply turn over, jot "please come put your feet under my table", add a stamp, and voila... a super easy handwritten thanksgiving invite.

meanwhile, i've been planning what i will do this month.
in november i will........

decorate a new space in our house.
pray about more things
do a crossword puzzle.
make grant some french bread.
make grant some french toast.
drink enough water.
reorganize kitchen cupboards and counters.
read a new book.
do better about putting on lotion.
bring pizza back.
go to bed earlier (and i mean it). 
wear a scarf at least 70% of the time.
make paper turkeys with the preschoolers. (check)
memorize a new verse.
make gift lists for family.
start something crafty.
see the new harry potter movie.
hopefully see the new clint eastwood movie, hereafter. 
remain calm during football games. no more crying. (i kid. but i came close.)
break out my boots.
start dreaming of snow days.
find my favorite christmas movies to record.
eat chinese take-out. 
go home for the holidays! 
(eat mom's cinnamon rolls while i'm there?)

what do you want to do in november?


Jeannie said...

summer, PLEASE join twitter.
we'd love to see you there.

summer said...

@ jeannie.. thank you, jeannie, you are so sweet! i've been thinking about it for awhile now... we'll see!

Kelli said...

I had to laugh at the lotion comment because I have been trying to do the same thing...especially now that it's getting so dry. I also want to start making pizzas myself...oh how I love November. The big thing is to celebrate my 34th on Monday...whoo hoo!!!

Christina said...

In November I want to:
~savor the last crisp autumn days
~make a fabulously delicious Thanksgiving dinner
~get to know the new neighbors better
~make Christmas presents
~build fires in the wood stove everyday
~make apple crisp again
~and on and on, but I don't want to bore you. : )

Sounds like you have a lovely November planned.

Christina said...

p.s. And speaking of social networking, I've been toying with the idea of friend requesting you on FB, but you have, like, a million friends, and I don't know if you want another who you've never even met, so I chicken out every time I look you up.

the southern hostess said...

These are so lovely, and your list is fantastic.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

In November I will

Wish with all my might for snow
Watch the Snoopy Thanksgiving spcial
Make at least one pumpkin pie
Tell my friends that I am thankful for them

Anna said...

Those are great goals. I am saving mine for December because that is when I will be on break from school and I will actually have some time.

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Wonderful list! I need to do the same. :)

Josie said...

Your blog always offers inspiration. I put my list up on my much fun things to do!



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