November 2, 2010

i bet you didn't know. he bought it when he lived in california. and he can ollie.
it's just one of the thousand cool things about my husband.

other cool things include..
1. he wrote a song called tyte gangsta buddies (it's on my ipod right now)
2. he's in a tie-wearing contest with another teacher at school, and he's winning
3. he owns his own bowling ball and shoes
4. he can keep his eyes open while he sneezes
5. in today's photos, he's wearing a jacket that says "FUNK'S G"

over the weekend grant taught our nephew a little bit about skateboarding.

eventually, the lesson turned into skateboard sledding.. which is sure to be a popular new sport.

in other news, it's election day!
happy voting, all.
isn't it awesome that we get to do this?
grant and i will be heading to the polls together after school. yay.
i love nights where we camp out in front of the news!


marta said...

cutest skateboarding duo ever.

Christina said...

Aw...way cute!

Annabelle said...

Love the pics!

Eeny said...

Very adorable =)

Bridget said...

really cute pictures. really cute.

Grandma G said...

So cute! That little guy's gotta belong to Casey and Ann, right? :)



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