November 1, 2010

..looked like a big jack-o-lantern! i loved it. we couldn't find any orange tissue paper, so we ended up using sheets of parchment paper, and the lamp light from our living room gave it a nice orangey glow. we are so saving this and sticking it in the bay window again next year.

..saw 75 trick-or-treaters!! we ran out of candy. it was awesome.

..watched brett favre get hurt in the 4th quarter. did any of you see it? it was the scariest part of halloween night. he looked really out of it. and old.

.. ran out of matches. we had just enough to get my pumpkin lit!

.. stayed surprisingly warm, even though we were opening the door every 5 minutes.

.. went to bed early and discussed thanksgiving being 3 weeks away, basketball season (coaching season) starting soon, what we want for christmas, and how we couldn't fall asleep.

and.. here's the scoop this morning. halloween has only been over for a few hours (and our big window pumpkin is still in place), but i am totally, completely ready for the holidays. has it hit you yet? it's november. november! these 30 days of anticipation make what is possibly the sweetest month of the year. so happy november to you! let's use it well. i need to figure out just how i'm going to do that. i'll be back later this week with a plan. what are you going to do in november?

more soon!


Hannah said...

I posted the same sentiment. Can't believe it is November. Am ready to deck the halls.

jacs23 said...

super cute, Summer! So glad it turned out a successful evening for you both! :) Happy Holidays to you as well!

I'm doing a daily gratitude list on my blog for this month. Whether I have other things to say or not..each day will have a list of keep me accountable to what this month really represents. Or at least what I want the beginning of this glorious season to represent!

Cheers to a great couple months ahead!!


Misplaced Country Girl said...

You are so cute Summer! Your excitement is radiating from my computer screen. If I wasn't excited about the holidays before I certainly am now.

katrina lauren said...

oh spirit is with me as I sprinkled twinkle lights throughout the house this's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

Bonnie said...

You are so lucky you had 75 trick or treaters. We had 8, and 2 of them were our kids. Our road doesnt' get many kids, but the roads to the left and right of us are crazy with kids! no fair! While you guys watched Brett Favre get hurt, we wathed our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers lose to the New Orleans Saints. Not a pretty picture! I too, am dreaming of the holidays. My Halloween decor is still up, as it is only the day after, but really, I must get it put away tonight! Time to pull out my Thanksgiving decor..pilgrim and turkey statues and such.

Josie said...

so ready to enjoy the next two months!
pulling out the rest of the fall decor, listening to christmas music, planning for thanksgiving and of course black friday

it is the most wonderful time of the year!

Renee said...

oh please do share those Christmas wishes!!
will be watching the BF ads from now until Nov 25th!

Christina said...

Yippeee! I'm so excited for the holidays, though I'm a little sad that Summer and Autumn are gone already. I plan to spend November working on the gifts for our (mostly) handmade Christmas!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

You've officially freaked me out by your observance that Thanksgiving is merely weeks away. Gasp!!

Simply Live said...

LOVE the window decorations :) I can't wait to hear about your holiday plans. Your plans for Christmas last year inspired me. I am trying to brew up some holiday magic for my husband and I. Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration.

marta said...

your house looks officially tricked (i mean spooked) out! nicely done. you guys are too cute. we were totally loving the football game too.

i can barely believe it's november either. am hoping to bake early, prep gifts and think of super thoughtful sentiments for christmas cards instead of slapping them together last minute. i am also working on the official christmas binder. wishing you a happy one. can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

sheena said...

YES!!! I was so tempted to un-decorate ON terrible is that?? Bring on the real holidays:)



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