December 6, 2010
found it! my alternative to jeans. it's target's converse lexington twill legging. i love these! the trim and slim fit and the charcoal-bluish color.. they call them "zodiac black" but really, they're not very black and would look awesome with some caramel-y brown boots. i love that they're comfy and stretchy without looking like they're sewn onto you. and i love the plain pockets! i've realized that a good plain pocket is a hard thing to find in this world. i just really love them.
i found mine on the clearance rack on black friday (how would i be clothed without the target clearance rack?), so hurry over to your target and see if there's some left! isn't it exciting to buy pants-that-aren't-jeans once in a blue moon?

.. am posting this from the couch, where i am camped out with a glass of water and the tissues mounding next to me. if you have to come down with something, might as well do it between holidays, right?


jacs23 said...

i love this month's idea, Summer! this one made me smile because I think Conan refers to these as jeggings...did you know that? Or maybe these are different? Anyhoo..they're cute! :) ><>

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Those are fancy pants! I love them.

I hope you feel better soon! It's no fun being sick, but at least you have pretty Christmas lights to look at!

marta said...

oh my.
i'm in love.
one more thing to go on my ever-growing wish list! i wonder if i can pull these off. am sure they are darling on you. feel better soon, watch lots of cute movies.

xo. m

Mary Ann said...

Oh, Dear Summer,
Please, fell better soon! Stay in pajama pants that are loose and comfortable and have a sweet cup of tea. Sending all of my best wishes and thoughts to you from here in Vermont.
~Mary Ann

Brooke said...

Hi Summer! I just adore your blog. I can't recall how exactly I found it but I definitely share your love of Jesus, target, Christmas, and running! When I first found your blog, you had posted your Grant Story part 1. I hope you feel better soon! said...

feel better summer!

heading to target this am. i will look for these! i've heard of them called jeggings before too...and not from conan.

i've been away from this place for too long. i have a few other things to say:

i LOVE your favorite things. you need to print that graphic in poster size for your kitchen. it's a adorable.

thanks for the granola recipe.



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