December 7, 2010
all my little favorites, lined up in a list. i love to keep up with them, to skim, scroll, and admire, and how i wish i could actually read all of them. (but we all know there's just not time to do that!) we have to master the art of sailing through our readers, don't we? pick your priorities and read those for the day, that kind of thing. anyway. some of these spots i love for the writing.. some for the recipes.. some for the awesome giveaways and photos of a basset hound named charlie (i won't lie).. some for the pretty pretty pictures.. all for having lessons in being a creative girl and skilled homemaker. truly, this blog world is like enrolling in free education. 

the nourishing gourmet
the little red house
keeper of the home
joy the baker
darling dexter
passionate homemaking
for me, for you
heart of light
smitten kitchen
honey & jam
roost blog
the chic line
a little sussy
101 cookbooks
design sponge
the nourished kitchen
a cup of jo
everybody likes sandwiches
living the swell life
what katie ate
you are my fave
elm street life
the pioneer woman
little green notebook

(of course there are loads of others that pop up now and then, some who post more infrequently which always makes a pleasant surprise, and so many that i haven't even found yet, but these are some that i find myself scrolling through, going back to reference, etc. on a regular basis.) i do hope you're able to check out a few of these lovely spots. the authors are so talented. which reminds me to say: thank you to all you wonderful bloggers, for fueling my creativity! i've learned so much. 


Grandma G said...

Don't tell me you haven't seen How About Orange yet! ;)

summer said...

how could i have forgotten?! yes, How About Orange is awesome!!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Yay new blogs! I already adore most of these, but there are some new ones on there. Yippee!

Hannah said...

Love the list. So many good thing in one place. I'm off to check out the ones I've yet to discover.

Rachel said...

Ooooh! Some of these are new to me - off to check them out.

ashley maureen said...

what a wonderful collection! many favorites of mine... and a few newbies! i can't wait to browse and get lost in some goodness :)

sheena said...


You are so sweet!! Thank you for including me:)

I love that we have so many similar favorites! Off to check out the new ones!

marta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
marta said...

thank you, thank you sweet summer. yours is always first on my favorite daily list. this list is bursting with familiar fun blogs i love and some i've never heard of yet. can't wait to browse them. xo.

p.s. those pretzels sound killer. mmm. said...

thanks for the shout out. i am blushing. yours would so top my list also!!



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