December 9, 2010
who else is watching this? i really want someone to gush with me about how great it is. grant and i LOVE it! i actually, truly laugh out loud at this show. and grant laughs too, which is why i like it so much. we both get super giddy about it before it comes on. let's just say if you were a fan of arrested development (our favorite show of all time), you might appreciate the awesome characters on this "tv show that knows it's a tv show." i know we do!
joel mchale and chevy chase are, of course, hilarious. and each episode is brilliantly constructed. i love that humor is the clever kind and includes bits of pop culture and public consciousness.. which makes it totally okay to do an episode about a blanket fort, a paintball fight, or a chicken tender shortage in the lunch line. but this also makes me hesitant to tell my mom and dad that they would love it. they might not. but my twin sister totally would.
now these two, plus the last two minutes of the show are the best part of the whole thing. i love troy and abed! their morning show is great, as well as the "biblioteca" rap. and oh christmas troy.

the only bad part about this show is that you really have to start from the beginning and stick with it to appreciate it.


Miranda said...

I am whole-heartedly gushing right here with you! Troy is our absolute favorite character. Also, for people who haven't watched the show before but want to start, "Cooperative Calligraphy" is perfect because it only features the main characters and serves as a perfect introduction for each character. It's on Hulu right now. In fact, I think I'll go watch it!

lily said...

i'm with you, too! my husband and i LOVE this show.. i could go on and on - troy and abed, pierce, senor chang, seriously hilarious!!

Katie said...

we love community at our house, too! :) so hilarious. but I agree, you really have to watch from the beginning to appreciate it to it's fullest.

Niki said...

I love Community too!

Cherish Stockdale said...

maybe we need to get the seasons on DVD so we can get into it.

Bec said...

I really like the show, but man my husband is obsessed with it. He absolutely loves Troy. LOVES. I bought him the first season on DVD for Christmas and I have a feeling we'll spend New Years Eve in our jammies, munching on leftover Christmas cookies, and watching hours upon hours of special features :)

seabirdfly said...

i have been following your blog for a few months, but have never commented.. until now! i adore this show!! senor chang is one of my absolute favorite characters.. "i am a spanish genius! my knowledge will bite her face off!" too funny. glad you watch it too because not all of my friends are into it! :)

country girl chronicles said...

I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I've loved reading through it. You've become an instant new favorite!

And we love Community too. It took a few tries to get into it, but so worth it. One of the funniest things on TV these days!

nataliep. said...

once i read your post i had to watch the show. hulu didn't have all seasons or episodes so i started with "Cooperative Calligraphy". sooo funny! i love it. i got tom to watch it with me too. troy and abed crack me up!

Rae said...

I love this show. I loathe Ken Jeong, but I love this show. I get the feeling it's creators said "How can we market to the people who grew up loving Saved by the Bell, but are cynical and sarcastic now?" and they went and made something brilliant. And I loved the end of September when we could see Allison Brie as Annie and Trudy on Mad Men.



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