December 10, 2010
snow rumors, pepperminty pretzels, the christmas song, and other nice things..

the snow rumors: i love when this happens. this morning grant emailed me from work to say that his team's tournament tomorrow has been postponed.. hooray for having my husband home this weekend!! apparently there is some kind of blizzard brewing. i hope it's a big one! my favorite thing about living in minnesota is that just when you feel like you could use a break, the snow comes storming in and gives you a day at home. and who doesn't love staying home?!

the pepperminty pretzels: why would i bother to talk about some store-bought snack during christmastime? i really don't know. i must be crazy. but anyway, i tried these sweets at mom and dad's house over thanksgiving and ate more than my fair share. they're sooo addictive! not normally a peppermint girl, i was surprised how much i liked them. i think it was the salty-ness that did me in. regardless, they're my newest trader joe's testimony.

other favorite things.. clean bathrooms, radio stations that play all christmas music, hammocks, emails from grant at work, unlined index cards for making lists, hats that don't itch my forehead, empty trash cans, little kid hands on my knee, old clocks that have a loud tick (and chime), playing piano music from 5th grade, our hardwood floor (!! i'm forever grateful), memories of my high school french class, caramelized onions, things that have family history, tiny brick houses, watching movies over and over, trivia games, kleenex without lotion, when my handwriting looks like my mom's, and a chipotle burrito- black beans, no rice, sour cream on the side. 

the christmas song: don't you love this one? it's my favorite song of all time. (yes, i really mean it!) we used to listen to it on a record at mom and dad's house. in fact, that's how i first figured out who nat king cole was, and found out that i was his biggest 10-year-old fan.


Cherish Stockdale said...

those pepermint pretzles look heavenly! i sometimes wish we had snow days..but all we get in FRESNO ca is foggy days. not quite at awesome! lol

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Really? Snow and peppermint pretzels? Are you trying to kill me Summer?

I had an amazing Saturday all planned out. It was going to inclue homemade pizza, It's a Wonderful Life and finally SNOW! The weathermen all said there would be SNOW! I was so excited I told everyone I saw that it was going to snow on Saturday. Guess what? Yesterday they changed their minds. No snow! Now plan just seems sad.

And I have no way of getting peppermint pretzels. This is just a sad sad day!

Oh and where do you get hats that don't itch your forehead? I love wearing hats this time of year, but they always itch my forehead!

chicagogirlaroundtheworld said...

I discovered those pretzels last week. Amazing!!

{lovely little things} said...

Peppermint pretzels?! YUM!

♥ A. said...

Ok, Now I want to eat pretzels and listen to NKC. The sad part is I can do only one thing lol.

ashley maureen said...

mmm. so many on your list are favorites of mine, too! those peppermint pretzels are making a home in my pantry... if they last! clean bathrooms, hats that don't itch (just got a new fleece-lined one!), empty trashcans, hardwood floors...

yep, i love them!

steph said...

I wish we had a Trader Joe's in Birmingham. I didn't get over to Atlanta to pick up Peppermint Joe Joe's. I wish I had a bag of those pretzels too!!



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