December 15, 2010
let's be serious.
-pajama pants
-a scarf
-zip-up hoodie
-2 pairs of socks
-and my heinous slippers 

but when i actually have to leave my house, (when i was in 6th grade, pajama pants in public was cool. or at least we thought it was. those were strange times.) here are some things i love to throw on. usually in layers, because i live in minnesota. every girl needs some good, solid, "everyday" shirts. these are mine. 

the racerback tank. perfect for layering and one of my most durable pieces. i wear a white one under everything. ev-ry-thing. i live in it. grant calls it my wife beater. needless to say, it gets washed a lot. i usually just let it air dry to prevent extra wear and tear, but it keeps it's shape amazingly well regardless of what you do to it. (and at this price, you can afford to buy another one- or three- if it ever wears out.) i also have one in black and pink, for fun.

the boyfriend tee. i was at disneyland a couple years ago, enjoying a pineapple whip near the jungle cruise, when suddenly i looked up and nearly every girl i saw was sporting a nondescript v-neck tee and looking so adorable. funny how a simple cotton shirt (that's super soft and comfy and the perfect length) can take the world by storm. now it's a girl's best friend. so when i saw them at target, i stocked up. and i've gotten so much wear out of them. isn't target the best? $7 shirts ($4 on clearance) that look like you shop at american apparel? i can dig. 

the tissue tee. another layering piece. nice and thin so it fits easily under things, but still has a sleeve, which goes a long way in the wintertime. i'm a fan of the snug fit, soft cotton, small price tag, and i love a shirt that's long enough. i got one of these this fall and it's been good to me. do you have any CR faves? i know my little sister (with a long torso) is devoted to their seamless cami. and i like their sale rack.

what shirt do you like to live in? 


ashley maureen said...

your daily wear sounds a lot like mine when i'm not leaving the house!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

I am always and forever wearing tank tops underneath v-neck shirts. It's kind of become my signature.

Amanda said...

Oh you sound just like me. I love the long sleeve tees from the gap, cardigans from gap + old navy. And also husband's tees :)

sheena said...

I literally live/eat/sleep/exercise/dress up/dress down those target V necks!!! I have almost every color--they are the love of my life:)

Misplaced Country Girl said...

You hit the nail on the head with these shirts. I have more of these than a human could ever need. They are my true staples!

Annabelle said...

GAP Favorite long sleeve shirts

{lovely little things} said...

Totally have those v-neck target tees in pretty much every color. The best!



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