December 14, 2010


christmas is my favorite time to be in my favorite place. every room feels transformed. merry. i think it's all the lights grant lets me string. put me in front of a strand of miniature lightbulbs and somehow i'm a different girl.

i'm sure there will be a few more around the house photos to come before christmas is out... 

meanwhile, i have a pound of green beans and a head of cauliflower that i'm dreaming up possibilities for. gotta go. 


Anonymous said...

Love your Christmas pictures around the house. There is no place like home. Thanks for making your house a home!

Mom Judy said...

That last comment was me. I must have clicked the wrong circle.

Christina said...

Home is my favorite place too. : ) Love the glimpses into your cheery home!

*** said...

wish you could come decorate my house! :) love your style!

nataliep. said...

it's like walking through a winter wonderland! love what you've done to make each room merry.



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