December 22, 2010
when i open a carton of egg nog, i smell christmas. 
but as much as i love the scent, i can't drink a whole tumbler of the stuff. (unless diluted with milk and ice, which i'm not sure counts.) it actually weirds me out to think too much about eggs being in something i drink, but nevertheless, i love it. and here's how i love it:

on my french toast!! the best tasting french toast in the world is made with egg nog, i believe. and it just so happens that i posted the recipe for my egg nog french toast on the smithfield blog today! (if you don't see it yet, it will be up shortly. or you can email me and i'll send the recipe straight to you!) try it, please! and be sure to use stale bread- i've learned my lesson with fresh bread.

in an egg nog latte!! from starbucks. have you ever tried one of these!? best thing on their menu. forget the peppermint mocha. forget gingerbread anything. they know how to make a mean nog. and this is a form i can drink straight. no ice necessary.

in instant flavored beads!! wow. totally just kidding. this is so gross! i just had to show you guys. i'll take the real stuff, please.

how about you guys? do you egg nog?  


Anonymous said...

I love eggnog, but as well can only drink a glass or two throughout the season..then I am done for the year. And mine HAS to be diluted with ice cubes, let melt and get really cold, and a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon on top. Probably takes me 2 hours to drink a glass!

Josie said...

Looks so good! I must try it on french toast. I make loaves of eggnog bread every year to give as gifts and we have it for christmas brunch.

Miranda said...

I do, I do! I can't wait to try your French toast recipe. In Denver there was a dairy that made the most amazing egg nog. We waited all year for them to start selling it again. I'm missing it very much today...

Misplaced Country Girl said...

No eggnog for me, but I'm totally on board with trying it in french toast! I will be trying that this weekend.

Anneliese said...

if you are going to make us admit this. i love it. i could chug it from the carton (and i know i did when i was younger). when i am not doing that, i like it in a fancy glass & i sprinkle a little nutmeg on top :)

Kaitlyn Luce said...

I tried egg nog once and totally regretted it 5 seconds afterward. I'm a little bit lactose intolerant, so it immediately killed my stomach.

Sarah said...

Ok.. I know this sounds super weird... but I drink it in a fancy glass with 7-up. Don't judge, just try it. SO GOOD.

Brea said...

I am all about the Starbucks egg nog. I don't know how many calories are in it and I don't want to know. It helps me get through my appointments that are out in the cold. Thankfully, our cold is not nearly as cold as your Minnesota cold. I'm just looking for an excuse so I won't feel guilty about spending money at Starbucks.
Wishing you and Grant a wonderful Christmas! Yay for Jesus!



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