December 23, 2010
lots of my favorite things are old things. and there are certain old things that connect me to christmases past... like when i saw mom's aluminum cookie cutters on sheena's blog. ohhh. part of my childhood is nestled inside that star-shaped one with the tiny handle on top.

i definitely got some sentimental genes from somewhere. i live for christmas nostalgia! that's why i'm so glad we still have a couple ornaments from grandma and grandpa's christmas tree in the 50s- the kind that could break any minute. the glass is so fine you could crush it in your palm! these are my favorite ornaments on the whole tree.


the other piece of nostalgia i'm really excited about this year is the jingle bells grandma gave me last month at thanksgiving. my great-grandma would always hang bells on her back door knob every year at christmastime, and it gives me goosebumps to think that i'm carrying on the tradition! these are no wimpy tinkling things, either. grandma got me real-life sleigh bells. they sound so pretty every time we open the door. (not tired of them ringing, either. they're still just as merry as ever.)


Renee said...

wish we had more of those ornaments, but the scarcity (sp?!) makes them all the more special!
chels wants to dig out those old aluminum cookie cutters and make the sugar cookies!! that's her they will make an appearance later on this week! happy 23rd to you!!

Tesa said...

Real life sleigh bells on the dad hung some on our door every Christmas season all my growing up years and I've always loved that deep rich authentic jingle. I have some jingle-y bells on our door now, too, but they are not the same...still searching for some authentic sleigh bells to replace them with! Merry Christmas to you, Summer!

marta said...

those sleigh bells are quite classic. what a wonderful gift and tradition! (we have a bell hanging from our doorknob.. it must be something about a jingly greeting!) and that cookie cutter?! oh my. you really wrapped up so many memories in one post. the vintage ornaments are lovely.

you're right, so much of christmas lies within the mind. thank you for reminding me of such happy days.

merry, merry christmas summer.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Summer, you always make my heart smile. My mom had that exact same cookie cutter!

Nessa said...

Vintage ornaments are so much fun.

I love bells on doors... we have a bell wreath. I like that it "sings" when people are coming or going.

Merry Christmas

laura.railing said...

You just can't re-create Vintage, Summer! I too love the classic-ness of things like that, not to mention the special touch they add.

Those Jingle Bells are awesome!! Merry Christmas to you and Grant!!

Here in Washington we got all our snow for Thanksgiving and are having a very green Christmas! So I'll be thinking of your snow! Enjoy it for me!!



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