December 17, 2010
ever since we bought this house, grant's been talking about flooding the backyard. i couldn't ever tell if he was serious or not. but now we know.

he built a border. he bought a huge tarp on ebay.
he brought the hose out to fill it up. (this took hours and hours.)
he waited. it froze.
he scraped. he filled again.
he drove stakes and draped lights.
he shoveled off all the snow. he tied on his skates.
and after weeks of prep, he has a usable ice rink of his very own.
i watched it all happen from the kitchen window, because i was usually making dinner.
or i'm just a wimp and don't like to be out in the cold.

{me watching him from the kitchen window. looking through the wreath, that is.}

he did it! 
i'm proud of him for doing it. for figuring out the logistics and making it happen. he's so cool like that. he loves looking out at it and checking on it and scraping it and shoveling it off and making plans for it. it's the perfect winter project for him.

broomball this weekend- if we can find the right equipment!
and i really should get some ice skates.

(says the girl who has never ice skated in her life)


kristin brown said...

this is so fun! how awesome! and i love the twinkle lights draped across. so cute.

Rachel said...

Hilarious! That's some serious dedication. I'm impressed.

Lindsey said...

So cool. I've always wanted to do this but where I live, I don't think it's cold enough for it to work that well - it'd freeze, melt, re-freeze... and yeah I just don't think it would work.

Enjoy your broomball game!

emily o. said...

amazing! my husband (and native minnesotan) will be so jealous! he's bummed that they don't have outdoor rinks (for broomball, his fave) where we live in Ohio. :)

Briel79 said...

That's really cool! How big is it? I love how he added the lights around it. So festive. :)

Nessa said...

our husbands push us out of our comfort zone (warmth and dryness) and into a place where were learn (how to smile when froze to the bone)

I had never sledded (is that a word?) until I met my husband!

Anonymous said...

Toby says we are moving to your neighborhood so he can come play with Grant!!! What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing! Love, Tammie and Toby

Eeny said...

That's so awesome.
You should definitely get some skates so you and Grant can have ice skating dates in your backyard.

nataliep. said...

wow!! this is so cool. way to go grant! i showed tom this post and he said he used to do the same thing up in ny ( ice hockey is big up there, too). so happy for you. hope you can enjoy some ice skating!

marta said...

am still staring at this post. it's really quite a feat. a perfect way to make the most of your winters. enjoy skating together.

Jared said...

Tell Grant that this is sweet. Incredible!



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