December 17, 2010
..yesterday when i took a bite of a cupcake at our preschool christmas party, and then threw the rest away because really, it just wasn't that good. or good for me.
(i can stop myself! yay.)
..when i opened a target gift card from one of our little students.
(best teacher gift ever!!)
..yesterday when i walked into the gym and saw grant being a coach.
(it's impressive to watch.)
..last night when the pep band was playing at the varsity game.
(i like rudolph the red-nosed reindeer played by high school band students.)
..when i won the ebay auction last night, scoring my last christmas gift for grant!
(he's going to like it.)
..when i woke up today and realized the first order of business was to eat breakfast. in my pajamas. 
(i am at home. and i get to be here all day.)
..when i remembered it's friday! and grant and i are finishing our harry potter marathon tonight!
(my husband doesn't work weekends. yay.)
..this morning when i got the email about who's bringing what food to christmas, sent to all of us harms girls.
(i love making food for christmas.)
..a while ago when i signed up to bring the pioneer woman's hot artichoke dip and grandma's lemon squares to the christmas eve meal. 
(mmmmm.) eve is only one week away! 
(just had to point that out. it's exciting.)

..right now when i got an email from grant, asking if i want to go on a date tonight. 
(harry potter plans have changed. and i like surprises.) 

being excited is my favorite thing.

happy friday, my friends. and a merry weekend-before-christmas to you!


Anneliese said...

summer! i was just browsing pw's appetizer section to see what i should make for christmas eve...i was really thinking about making the artichoke dip...but now i totally will! you helped me confirm my decision :)



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