January 17, 2011
{we're doing the tummy series in the same outfit each week. i have high hopes this shirt will go the whole 9 months.}

i guess i am more amazed at what it hasn't felt like. 

it hasn't felt freaky. 
it hasn't felt like a harry potterish sinewy sensation of growing new organs/bones. (i.e. "skele-grow") 
it hasn't felt like i need to be reading stacks and stacks of pregnancy books.
it hasn't felt like throwing up.
it hasn't felt like a half-life. like i'm limited in any way. 
it hasn't felt like i need to knit something for the baby. yet. 
it hasn't felt like i want to eat dirt and laundry soap and pickles with peanut butter.
it hasn't felt like tossing and turning and never getting good sleep anymore. 
it hasn't felt like i have everything figured out. 
it hasn't felt like i need to have everything figured out. 
it hasn't felt like all of a sudden i love going to the doctor. and that's okay.
it hasn't felt like we need a "nursery" with every inch planned. and the perfect mobile. 
(although i can see myself hunting for a mobile sometime in the future.)  
it hasn't felt like going to the bathroom 20 times a day.
it hasn't felt like i must be a grown-up now. 
and it certainly hasn't felt like i can't wait for this to be over. 

in fact, except for that little part at the beginning when i wasn't myself and didn't want to eat peanut butter, everything about this pregnancy has felt shockingly natural

which leads me to remember, oh yeah.. this is natural! as my friend anneliese reminded me the other day.. it is not a crazy medical emergency. isn't that great? it is not me against the most unthinkable, impossible job in history. it's normal. it's how we all got here, for goodness sake. this is what i want to keep with me through the next 20 weeks. some perspective. 

so, we're halfway there. unbelievable. seems like we've only just begun. and i'm loving this!! i want this. this is the best thing in my life. i'm feeling peachy keen and a bit rounder by the day. feeling like splurging on a good doughnut. feeling like reading stories and making enchiladas. feeling a whole lot closer to buying loads of baby stuff. i have no clue what all we'll need, but that's part of the fun. and i'm still feeling like this whole thing is very surreal. feels like i need a reality pinch every day. i'm having a baby? really? wow.

ps. as seen in picture.. my best black shirt (long, lean, and warm) is a sexy basic vee from express. my superthin supersoft gray cover up is from charlotte russe, and so is my favorite gingham scarf.


Maryclayre Dick said...

1. I love your outfit! And your cute baby bump!
2. The second trimester is the best! Anna told me pregnancy hit her at about 34 weeks...me too...but don't let that get you down, that means you are getting close to baby :)
3. Have you watched the Business of being born? Its soo good! I think you would like it! Me and Dar watched it and loved it...
4. Can I make my gender guess yet? Boy. I don't know why I think that, a girl would be awesome too, that is just my feeling :)

summer said...

ahhh mary, you are so cute! and i can totally picture that the 34 week mark will hit me, for reals. i have not watched that, but am going to see if it's on netflix:)

ps. yes!! you can totally make your gender guess! but you might have to announce it again later, as i'm planning on having a little (official) guessing game when the time gets close:)

Bec said...

If you decide you need a doula, I know one in the Twin Cities area- Lindsay McCoy. She's a super fun young lady like yourself!

swell.life said...

Oh Summer, So dreamy! So glad everything is smooth sailing so far. You are the loveliest pregnant girl...Seriously you look amazing!!

Enjoy every minute. This is totally the most fun time!

To piggyback off of Bec's comment, the doula thing is definitely worth considering. Even though I had a smooth, unmedicated birth with G, I really wished I'd had a better advocate...If you have a great L&D nurse, you'll be fine, but I unfortunately had a newbie who was just about as clueless as us. :( No one seemed to recognize when I was in transition and I think I had a lot of unnecessary painful contractions when I coulda/shoulda been pushing. Oh my, I'm terrifying you! Sorry for that...Pregnancy is all about being bombarded with unsolicited advice. I'm sure I won't be the last. :)

Anonymous said...

I second that the 2nd trimester is the best! Have fun and enjoy! Not that the third isn't...but you might be experiencing some of those things on your last by that point:) You are a doll and I love that you're wearing the same shirt for the pics - and that you're taking pics at all! Can you believe some women don't do that at all? What a crime. I love pregnant bellies:)

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Ah look at your bump! I like reading about your pregnancy. It makes me a little calmer about someday having babies of my own.

And this has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I made the chicken that you posted about over the holidays. HOLY COW! That was the best meal I've had in ages. I just had it for lunch again and can't wait to go home to have it for dinner!

You're baby is a very lucky little peanut!

Renee said...

love the picture! so glad you are feeling so "normal"....didn't God design the female body just so perfectly to handle another human being, being formed and growing inside? amazing!
love sharing this time with you!

ChelseaF said...

Love it!

All I needed to say :)

Amanda said...

am so glad you are sharing your experiences with all of us. i have never been pregnant, so it's nice to know that maybe i won't crave pickles and sardines and that i'll actually enjoy it (as opposed to all the movies that portray pregs ladies as hating it).

soaking up every word of yours, summer!

Jennifer said...

I made this mobile for my Baby E, and although it is a total "labor of love" I would say that it is totally worth it! I wouldn't trade the poked fingers or hours of sewing for anything! We constantly get compliments on it!
The link includes a pattern if you fall in love with it like I did!
Here is a picture of ours completed.
Our whole room album is in there too if you are interested in looking!
PS- you are cute. I heart you. (and your sister)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is all so exciting!!
Your baby bump is the cutest :)

Anneliese said...

looking good! loving that bump! i'm sure the shirt will last until the end...although it might never be the same after :)

yes, 34 weeks. i clearly remember kinda rolling + pushing to sit up in bed in the morning & thinking 'i'm actually pregnant.' i felt heavy. but not bad! i always had ladies say, oh you look so small...but just wait! ha! like that is supposed to be encouraging? but it never hit. i felt big. but not overwhelmed :) those last weeks were fab...swollen ankles, yes. but that didn't stop me from hitting the pool! :) good memories. as you will have too :)

{lovely little things} said...

You look great!
What an exciting time in your life, keep up that stress-free attitude, it'll make for a smooth pregnancy!

Kirra Sue said...

what a great post! so excited for you & your sweet little family! loved the reference to skelegrow. :) thanks for being a happy place for all of us here- your words, your pictures, your creativity- i just love it!

Bridget said...

i love this post and i love that your bump is sorta small cause im 18 weeks today and i feel TINY!

and im not obsessed w/ nursery planning either! should i be?!



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