January 14, 2011
thank you so much for the tried-and-true advice on maternity clothes, i love it!! your tips are all appreciated and duly noted:)

grant showed me this video last night. so cool!!! he has a bunch of other great medleys too.
you guys have a happy friday now.
come back next week, ready for cauliflower that will blow your mind.
and more baby, of course:)

think i'm going to spend sometime this weekend making a very baby ikea shopping list and watching p.s. i love you. i must already be in a valentiney mood.


Kaitlyn Luce said...

I don't cry during many movies, but I was a sobbing mess when I saw P.S. I Love You. It's so good! Have a great weekend!

Jes said...

That whole movie is a tear jerker, but superb!

nataliep. said...

wow! this video is insane! i can't wait to show tom!

ChelseaF said...

Luke and I loved the video, thanks for sharing!

marta said...

okay that was a very cool youtube. like exactly what youtube is all about. i love how normal people can totally be rockstars.

hoping your weekend was lovely.



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