January 29, 2011

the ipad. 
how were we before it came along? 
i really don't remember now.

all i really know is this: i love this thing! and i'm using it way more than i imagined i would. in fact, the most-asked question in our house has become, "where's the ipad?" grant and i have to take turns:) and it goes wherever we go now. 

we bring it up to our room with us at night so that we can look up all the random things that hit us while we're trying to fall asleep. in the morning, we use it to check for school closings due to the snow that never stops. on the couch, we use it to browse for baby things, tweet, and watch netflix. at night/in the car/at the gym, i use it to read pride & prejudice and persuasion. which were both free in the ibookstore, by the way. i honestly think i read more because of this ipad. it's so nice to finally have the page-turning problem solved while i'm on the treadmill. it's so nice that you can read without a reading light. it's so nice that you can look up those fancy jane austen words with one touch to the screen. a dictionary, at my finger tips. somebody was brilliant on that one. 

it is just so nice. 


Mary said...

I also got an ipad for the holidays. loving it as well, although trying to make sure my 10 month old son doesn't see it too much. Haha. Have you found a case for it that you love? We're looking for one that works well as a stand too for watching netflix.
love your blog btw and congrats on the baby! they are the best. :)

swell.life said...

oh man, i am leaving this post open on my (lame, breaking, always-dead-battery) laptop for jeff to read. he doesn't understand how much i NEED one too.

one of the biggest reasons i'd love one is for cooking. so i can flip open your amazing ginger lime stir fry recipe and have it upright, in front of me not taking up half of the counter and not worry about getting cornstarch in my keyboard.

do you use the recipe app?

my birthday is just 2 weeks away and my fingers are crossed.

summer said...

ahhhh! jessica, you read my mind! we've looked into getting a little ipad shelf installed in my kitchen somewhere. how perfect would that be?! i could have my recipe open or listen to music or watch pride and prejudice right THERE. while i'm working away! that would be the ultimate.

my fingers are crossed for you!

Anneliese said...

i'm glad to hear such a rave review! i too bring my laptop into the kitchen to look up recipes, but am always nervous something is going to get spilled on it! i also think it would be awesome for entertaining little people in the car! so maybe in a few years.... :)

Renee said...

do i even dare ask for one?!!!
they sound wonderful though!! i love the no page turning on the treadmill!

laura.railing said...

Have you seen the velcro video about all the places you can use an iPad? Pretty cool! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTSDPKktbUk I would LOVE to have one! it's not at the top of our priority list right now, but maybe someday!

Grandma G said...

I got my iPad in Nov. I love it, also! For Christmas I got a really cool speaker for it. Go to Amazon and search for Brookstone iPad speaker. It can work for a stand as well as a speaker, so you can listen to Pandora or your own tunes while you cook. The sound is good!

But yeah, just be careful not to spill on it. :)

kristin said...

Do u like persuasion? I enjoyed p&p, so picked up a copy while perusing a bookshop going out of biz. Started it, but never got into it bc I got confused w all the family names- though if u reccomend, I'd try again!

leslie.conner said...

I would love an ipad... lots of family members have one and I use it whenever I visit! Now if I can just make myself hand over all of that $$ for one... :)

Tamara said...

imerjust stumbled on your blog.
i'm a new follower.
i'd loove an ipad.
i currently lug my macbook all over the place.

ashley maureen said...

summer, i totally agree. i got one for christmas and it follows me everywhere... the kitchen being my favorite spot. i can't wait to bring it on trips-- how perfect it will be!



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