January 27, 2011
remember that wake up in the morning and i wonder where my bump went thing?
yeah. that's over:) there's a tummy, all the time.

and people can tell. it's official. while we were eating breakfast at our hotel, a man with an irish accent said something to us about "when that little one comes along..." after he left, grant turned to me and said, "that was the first time someone has assumed you are pregnant!" it was really fun. i also had my first experience with the special treatment that comes with being pregnant. a nice guy on the epcot bus gave up his seat for me. a few people let me go first. the flight attendants had extra smiles. and the lady at the counter gave me the fruit i wanted, instead of the chocolate cake that came with my meal. because it's good for the baby. 

it was like a teeny tiny taste of royalty.

{favorite afternoon snack}

in other news, have i told you guys how much i'm loving being pregnant in the winter? i really think it rocks. for one thing, i get to be cozy with blankets on the couch practically every night. but you know what else? citrus. how thankful am i that "my time" came right when citrus season rolled around... it's like pregnant paradise. grant brought home a box of 100 oranges the other night. he's the best. we celebrated by splitting the first one. now i get to eat as many oranges as i can stand everyday!!! and i can stand a whole lot of orange right now. yay.


Amanda said...

cute cute cute. it's so sweet that people are starting to notice!

i can eat oranges like they're going out of style and i'm not even pregnant! :)

Kaitlyn Luce said...

and oranges are so good for the baby! atleast that's what my best friend told me when she was pregnant...

Meg said...

I was pregnant with all three of my girls during the winter, and I agree - it's wonderful. Although my baby bump wasn't as quite as adorable as yours.

ChelseaF said...

Your baby will have strong bones! (at least that's what happens when prego ladies have lemon...maybe oranges too, if we're lucky!) Your bump is so wonderful, people/strangers still can't tell I'm prego, and barely believe me once I tell them. :)

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I feel the need to go eat an orange after looking at that picture!

Ashleigh said...

your little baby bump is aaaaaddddorable!! enjoy your special treatment :)


{natalie} said...

you look great.

i love your photos of the oranges. you have a great eye.

{lovely little things} said...

Exciting! You look fab!

nataliep. said...

summer, you're rockin' the bump.
it's so special when people notice you're pregnant and give an extra smile. i loved that part of it.

p.s. i need an orange.

Anonymous said...

So so cute!

I hope I'm that cute with a bump.

laura.railing said...

what a beautiful baby bump! It is so fun once you start showing!! I had some oranges for dinner tonight. Soo good!!! So excited to see the baby bump progression!!

Hannah said...

Adorable picture, Summer. This one definitely belongs in a frame!

Am also impressed that you can shoot your camera one handed. I've yet to master that feat.

Laken said...

How adorable are you!!



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