January 21, 2011

hey everyone, thanks for all the comments yesterday! i'm all set now:) i want to do everything. i can't wait to ask mom if she'll split one of those famous rice krispie bars with me! and to be outside without boots and gloves! and no, this was not a last-minute decision. my parents planned this little getaway for our family a few months ago.. before we even knew about the little harmsie inside of me:)

i hope florida is sunny because we could really use it right now. it's been freeeezing here this week! like, the radio tells you don't go outside unless you have to. like frostbite is for reals. like -20... -30.. and other crazy numbers.

well, off we go! i might be tweeting as we travel, so you can follow me there! happy friday, friends. here's a little song from ingrid that i can't stop singing this week. it's perfect for what we're doing today:)


Maryclayre Dick said...

Have a fabulous trip! There is something in the air in Orlando...makes it one of my most favorite cities! We will be there with all the Dicks in February!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Enjoy your little Florida vacation! I found out that we do have a slight cool front coming over the weekend, but it will still be like 80 degrees warmer than MN, so it might be like summer to you guys! :-)

Anneliese said...

your trip will be so wonderful! i know its not near as cold here as it is in MN, but the sun + beach sounds dreamy.

laura.railing said...

have fun!!!!! Make some great memories, and cherish this time together! I'm happy for you guys getting the chance to go!

swell.life said...

you picked THE best weekend to leave this dreadful wintery place!! so envious of your mouse ears and treats...we are freezing here. :)

kerri lynne said...

i love ingrid! :)



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