January 20, 2011

dear baby

you won't believe it. and i guarantee you won't remember it. but you're going to disneyworld this weekend!! yay. your mom is over the moon about this place. i'll be sure to see all the best sights and smell all the wonderful smells for the both of us. you don't know this yet, but disneyworld has a smell. and it's magical. oh, and you're going to love the music there. the space mountain soundtrack is my favorite! but don't worry, i won't be going on any of the scary rides. (which are all my favorites, but it's okay. i'd much rather have you safe in my tummy than dropping 13 floors at the tower of terror.)

your dad and i have both been to disneyworld before, but this will be our very first time to go together. so i'm extra excited! it will be even more fun to take you with us next time. your dad's favorite things at disney are the buzz lightyear ride -which we will ride as much as we can- and the pineapple whip you can buy next to the indiana jones hats. i'm guessing he'll get one for you someday.

you're going to love the airport, i think. it's one of my favorite places! apparently there's a red mango at o'hare, so we'll be sure to get you some of that good stuff. i'll try to take lots of pictures and video so you can see your dad and me being kids before you were born. and i'll bring you back something good!

your mom

dear friends, please tell me your favorites about disneyworld in the comments! i'd love to hear. places to go, things to see, treats to eat, etc. i love disney secrets:)

dear friends in florida, what should i pack?! are you wearing short sleeves these days?


skatieperdue said...

i'd wear short sleeves and bring a light coat, especially since you're going to be walking around disney! jeans wouldn't be too hot i don't think. it's upper 60's this week, orlando is probably 70's. have fun! it's a magical place :)

Kelly said...

Yay, Disney World! I LOVE the Moroccan Restaurant at EPCOT, if you're looking for a nice dinner. I also like Churros (but they're not so healthy!) I've also heard that the Living Seas restaurant is fantastic.
Have fun!

Drew's Mom said...

I think it is absolutely HILARIOUS that your babies first trip to Disneyland will be spent inside of you.. LOL Hope you guys have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Summer - I've never been to Disneyworld. But I have a question about your granola bars. Can you use the quinoa in the recipe raw? I'm not familiar with quinoa. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

Kirsten said...

Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios ... is awesome if you're going there ... and you can't ride Tower of Terror, which is a shame, because Bert is the best bellhop there is.
I also LOVE dumbo - i'm so cheesy and gotta do the fireworks someplace - my favorite is Epcot, but nothing like the fireworks over the castle either.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

From a reader in Florida...It's hot here for me, so I'd assume it will be sweltering for you. I'd pack short sleeves, shorts, but a pair of jeans and a light jacket to be on the safe side if it gets cooler at night.

As for things to do...you have to see the Mickey 3D show. It goes by the name Mickey's ...something... magic. It's in The Magic Kingdom. It was my favorite thing when I was there last August. And Downtown Disney has so many cool things to offer, but it can be a bit dangerous in the money spending department. Plus, there are some really great places to eat in Downtown Disney.

Enjoy yourselves!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

So cute! I hope you share pics of you and Grant from your trip. I want to see you two being kids!

Renee said...

oh i can't wait! so far the Lord has worked the weather to be perfect..

sunny and 66...then partly cloudy and 74*...what could be more perfect?..when it's 18* here right now!
get here fast! we will be there before we all know it!

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your babymoon!

Josie said...

Ohh..how fun!
I love the rice krispy treats at disneyworld, they are so big you can split one with your honey but they are so much tastier than even homemade ones!

Kirra Sue said...

So sweet! Have a great time! I'm not super familiar with Disneyworld like I am Disneyland- but I'm sure everything will be spectacular. Make sure to have a funnel cake if you can find one- they do make the best! :)

Steph@PlainChicken.com said...

The Butterfinger Cupcake from Starring Rolls Cafe at MGM is to die for! I recreated it at home so I could eat it anytime I want.

Cat said...

Report from Orlando - It's been in the mid 70's here. Very comfortable. Jeans, short sleeves and a light sweater.

If you're a Michael Jackson fan than Captain EO at Epcot is a must - http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/parks/epcot/attractions/captain-eo/

Other must dos: Bakery in the French pavillion and they have the Original Pooh Bear & Friends stuffed animals for babies in England

laura.railing said...

Lucky girl!!! SO much fun!!! If you would like any Disney scrapbook stuff to do with your pictures, Josh's aunt and uncle own an amazing Disney scrapbook store there! Mouse Memories, just outside Orlando. You should check them out! (it's also online if you don't have time www.mousememories.com )

Soak up some magic!! :-)

Melinda said...

hi - I came across your blog, and I can't remember how LOL I think thru an another blog I read?! Anyways ... make reservations ahead of time or with your hotel to go eat in the Castle!

Amanda said...

wow! is this a spur-of-the-moment decision? if not, it's still cool to say that you are running away to florida for the weekend. hope you and grant have a wonderful time!

nataliep. said...

sounds awesome!



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