January 26, 2011

and we had a marvelous time!! the whole family was together. we hit all the good rides. there were palm trees and other green, living things. we got a perfect spot for the electric light parade. caught the finale of the fireworks. and the sun was out each day. and there was no snow! it felt incredible.

surprisingly, we still needed several jackets (read: every layer we brought with us) and gloves to keep us warm, and i was even wishing for my winter hat on our first night there... come on, florida! but i was determined to break out my flip flops at some point, and on the last day, i went for it. and it ended up being the most beautiful day ever!! it must've been 75 degrees all afternoon.

while we were there, grant discovered expedition everest and the awesomeness of the single riders line. everyone except for mom and me discovered rockin' roller coaster. i discovered the signs that say "expectant mothers should not ride", the best beauty and the beast show, the blueberry muffins at our resort, and... my hamstrings. hello, pregnant legs. and pregnant feet. i didn't know you could ache like that.. in all those spots.. for all this time. wow. i definitely needed the 12 hours of sleep i unashamedly took last night. can't wait to go to sleep again tonight!

to tell you the sad truth, i didn't take many photos. i was too busy trying to soak up every last sparkle of sunshine. but we did get video!! and i promise to show you when grant is done putting it together:)

written with my glasses on. hair up. suitcase unpacked, but laundry un-started.


kristin said...

It's good to enjoy the sun & find all those sore spots. We went to cedar point in '09 & I went on a kid ride that said not for expectant mothers. I think the only reason was bc it is a bit squishy, since it is a kiddo ride. :)
Sounds like a great trip!

Lauriel said...

I was wondering how the "not for expectant mothers" signs would be...
Glad you enjoyed the sunshine, I'm definitely wanting some!

Meg said...

I am so cold today and have to admit I am a bit jealous of the thought of Florida sun - even with a jacket on. Oh how I love Disneyworld!

Anneliese said...

don't feel guilty about getting extra sleep! your body needs extra calories, extra room, & extra sleep! (i just wrote the word extra to many times) a well rested mom= a happy mom! i find that i am much more efficient if i take that extra nap, or sleep in rather than force myself to slowly work through chores when i am tired!


Welcome home! You make me want to visit Disney so bad. Definitely the land where dreams come true. Did you visit the new Harry Potter theme park?

{lovely little things} said...

What fun!

Anonymous said...

Where did you end up eating?

laura.railing said...

it's always so nice to be back home! Fun to go through the memories though!

I find that sometimes I just decide not to take pictures because I want to actually be in the moment more, enjoying it!

Glad you guys had fun! Cute picture of you two!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Sunshine? I've heard tales of this ball in the sky that feels warm on your skin. I haven't seen it or felt it in so long I'm starting to think it's just a myth. So glad you got to enjoy it and that you took the time to soak it all up!

sheena said...





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