February 23, 2011


15 weeks left? are you sure? 15 doesn't seem like a very big number. that means only 15 more laundry mondays. (actually 14 now.) only 15 more long, grant has grad school wednesdays. only 15 more thursday nights with our favorite nbc shows. and 15 more sunday dinners followed by sunday naps. 15 until my life changes forever. i don't care if that means no more sleeping in.. 15 until the baby is here!

it really is getting closer! and did you catch that? i'm only going to do laundry like 14 more times before i'm somebody's mom! woohoo. glad you guys are here to count down with me:) you make things extra fun.

meanwhile, things are humming along here. am starting to wish i had a pillow to sneak in between my knees at night. and i've still got mad burps and am lacking the skills to belch them out like a boy. somebody please teach me how to do a real burp instead of this gurgling stuff, please! and, i ran across this little snippet from my 18th week, i wrote it the day we had the ultrasound:

grant and i had the ultrasound today.. i didn't know what i was in for. he/she is already complete! 2 arms, 2 legs, a beating heart, a little fist up by his/her head, kidneys, bladder, stomach, spine.. everything. and it's only 8 ounces! how does God do this?! it's incredible. 

seeing the printed photos from the life inside me has given me a new perspective. i can picture it now. i can picture a baby. i've had a big taste of "yes, this is real." now the desire to hold him/her is terrible. and it's funny that i have this need to hold it, even though it's inside me already. 

7 weeks later, i'm still glad for any taste of "yes, this is real."

ps. thanks for watching my video yesterday! that was fun. 


ashley maureen said...

so fun! thanks for keeping us updated. am loving your journey.

Anonymous said...

Summer! You are a delight! I laughed when you said only 14 more laundry weeks until baby, one isn't so bad, but not so much when you reach 4 :) The thought of holding your baby is so difficult to wait for considering it's only 3 inches from you! Thank you for sharing!
Tammie Moore

Anonymous said...


The video was fantastic! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to ask - how did you tell grant you were pregnant?

Were you guys trying for baby or surprised?

Nessa said...

loved the video (and re-watching the one from CA too). You might have to throw in one more day of laundry to get all the little ones things washed up before he/she comes along.

I did one with my mom and my sister-in-law the day after our baby shower. We wrote out thank you's while things were washed and dried. It was fun!

Julia Wade said...

I am so excited for you Summer. So, so excited. :) 15 weeks will FLY by. Enjoy every moment before and after this beautiful babe arrives. xo

Laken said...

Ah! 15 is not long at all! so exciting :)

Ps. I'm such a sucker for these pregnant belly pictures. Too cute.

laura.railing said...

Love the tummy picture! I love to see it grow with the little one's growth

Do you have a feeling which gender it might be? We wanted a girl so bad, but I just knew it was going to be a boy, and that was correct! It sounds SO silly to say it now!

Christina said...

I love the pregnancy countdown. Before you know it, you'll be holding your sweet babe and missing being pregnant.

Anna said...

You have such a cute baby bump!

Amanda said...

cute. cute. I love that you are counting down in such a personal way for you and grant. I hope everything is going well for that little baby and you!

christine said...

gurgling stuff. ha! if you get someone to teach you, please, do share with me. :)
so excited for you. you look good pregnant. wish i could see you in real life and give you a huge hug. praying for you often.

Bridget said...

you look soo great!!! how exciting.



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