February 22, 2011
want to see the video grant made with footage from our disney trip? there's a 20-weeks pregnant me in it.. :) like the song? it's "jungle animal" by pomplamoose. (on itunes too!) they are my fave.

watch it bigger and better HERE

things to look for!!
me reading pride & prejudice on the plane
hanging pumpkins at epcot
my fake excitement during soarin'
me, sitting out for the babes:)
grant cracking his back on the floor outside soarin'
cartoon versions of us
chelsea's close up
grant's superman arm on the roller coasters
haley (my twin) screaming on the tower of terror
3D glasses on the baby
the same aladdin actor who was there 5 years ago
birds that hang out by the rocking chairs
me being excited about the yummy corndogs... even though i never ate one
billy mitchell's king of kong arcade at the airport!
(and if you don't know how awesome this is, you must see "the king of kong." best documentary ever.)

and to listen for!
grant's funny yell on expedition everest
the beast's awkward roar during the beauty & the beast live show (we laugh every time)
my "i'm talking to an animal" voice
me, being excited that billy mitchell was there


marta said...

next time i go to disneyworld, i'm taking you guys with me. this looks so fun. i am thoroughly impressed with the roller coaster filming. thank you, this was a very happy flick to wake up to. (perfect music and perfect summing up of your family vacay. am off to watch it again.)

p.s. i remembered your california video and hoped you and g would create another. thanks for sharing! your babe will love watching it someday.

{natalie} said...

it looks like such a fun trip. i love it. we took our flip video to disney two weeks ago but didn't film nearly enough. boo.

now i want to go on vacation again.

Jeremy Stine said...

Still love the corn dogs, huh? It's nice to know somethings never change.

Renee said...

two words.. LOVE IT!

kudos to grant for filming and editing this! just in time for the Oscars! wins "best picture" every time i watch it...which has been several!!

Emily said...
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Amanda said...

I love the glasses on the baby part. You two are absolutely adorable. (I liked Grant's pose at the end of his little spin too) :)

nataliep. said...

so awesome!! thanks for sharing, summer!

Sarah said...

Such a cute video! It made me miss Disneyworld! Last time I was there was in 2005!

Eeny said...

wow, that's awesome. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

Anneliese said...

great video! bentley watched it with me :)

swell.life said...

how fun is this!? i can't believe how much footage you guys got...and how much time it must have taken to splice it all together. great song selection.

love the 3d glasses for baby harmsie.:)

christine said...

billy mitchell!!!!!!!!!!! that was my favorite part. BAHAHAHA!!! too bad you missed him by a week!!! great vid!

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