February 8, 2011

sometimes peanut butter and jelly can't be beat. 
a lot of the time, actually.

today i liked...
grant's school being 2 hours late.
having pb & j. twice.
spending extra time reading and making notes.
doing pilates and the treadmill.
talking to mom on the phone while she bought one-size-up shirts for me.
a ponytail.
writing up a recipe.
spotting this awesome bag via simplesong. maybe i could swing this as a diaper bag..
emailing my little sister.
browsing old blog posts. like this one.
thinking about spring.
figuring out how to use my phone, even with the broken screen.
being at home.
shopping old navy's online maternity sale.
reading your sweet comments.
using my pink dishes. valentine's day is so close.. are you ready?


kristin said...

love the bag, but you'll have to be quite organized for it to work as a diaper bag, i think! at this point, i use a purse, but that's because i don't mind scrounging around in there for what i need. sometimes lots of designated pockets are perf.

Holly said...

last night i had pbj on high fiber bread with a glass of milk for dinner. i told myself the baby was enjoying the protein/fiber/fruit/dairy mix. it was so delish!

ashley maureen said...

pink dishes! love it, sum.

leslie.conner said...

Yes, I'm ready for Valentine's Day! Lovely post!

Miranda said...

Those dishes are absolutely gorgeous. I'll be keeping my eye out for a mug like that from now on.

Nicole said...

Honestly, I don't think pb&j's will ever get old! I've had those days where I had pb&j's for breakfast AND lunch! YUM!

swell.life said...

i'm not ready, but your pink dishes are getting me a little closer! love them and i think i have the same rippled plate in aqua blue. what a pair.

love your list. am off to check out that pretty little (potentially diaper) bag

Jordan and Jandee said...

love the pink dishes

Bridget said...

going to eat pb&j now.



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